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Reversible Bandana Bibs

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    • Adjustable for two different sizes fitting birth-to-college... and beyond!
    • Feature a waterproof layer between the printed cotton and microfleece so your kids clothes stay dry.
    • Last but certainly not least, these bad boys are SUPER STRONG so they will last wash after wash after wash after... well, you get the point. 




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    1. Adorable bibs!

      I love Lil helpers prints, and the bibs are absolutely adorable! I can't wait to match diaper covers with bibs this summer! People are so right- the Lil Helper prints are so much more beautiful in person than online, and the quality of all the Lil Helper products I have tried is just superb.

      I wish I could rate this product 5 stars because they are so cute and I love this company, (you guys are marketing geniuses and I admire that!) But I feel like because you guys are such an awesome company you would appreciate a honest review instead.

      The reason I am rating this product 3 stars though is for two reasons. The first reason is that the bib does not sit entirely flat on my son, I have tried repositioning it and tucking it but I find no matter what I do the bibs seems to fold up in such a way they sometimes get in my son's face. (Please let me know if this problem is the result of something I am doing wrong.)
      The second reason is that the beautiful prints don't absorb the amount of drool I'm dealing with well, i find that once they are soaked with drool they have to be removed, which happens within about 20 minutes of waking up with my very drooling 4 month old. (I'm not sure if he drools an abnormal amount?) Compared to with my nana-made-bibs which I think are cotton, drool is absorbed a bit so they can be worn much longer than my Lil Helper bibs.

      I love the soft fleece backs and Lil Helper snaps are so nice to use.

      I received a solid colored bandana bib as my freebie with my most recent order in a color I would never personally pick, and I was shocked when I started using it how much I actually love the color on my son and how beautiful solids can be! I have always picked products with prints, but between my solid orange bib and my solid blue charcoal diaper, I now understand what all the fuss about solids is about!
      on 11th Mar 2020

    2. Is there 10 stars

      As a husband going into the cloth diapers and being scared I am so happy my wife and I fell into these products ! With everything we get and try we just love and always find an excuse to get something else. Can’t wait for our son to get bigger to try the biggie bib and swimmer diapers. 10 stars on 9th Jan 2020

    3. Kissable

      The product and the customer services is just kissable ! My husband and I new parents looking into cloth diapering which may we add is a scary process! But with lilhelpers they have made this so easy , the cute diapers and the dry/wet bags We couldn’t find better ones . My husband & I are now addicted to these products and I would never look at disposable diapers . Can’t explain how much We love these products on 31st Dec 2019

    4. Great bib!

      I really like this bib! My only complaint is that it shifts quite a bit and doesn’t always catch my sons drool otherwise it is super cute and fashionable and we love the pattern! on 15th Nov 2019

    5. a must have!

      We got a bib as a gift. I loved them SO much in comparison to other drool bibs, I bought 3 online. They are great because they're not bulky, they're absorbent and wicks away moisture. I also like the adjustable sizing and that they are snap close as opposed to velcro! A MUST HAVE for your baby or a baby shower gift! on 2nd Apr 2019

    6. Amazing product!

      This bib is amazing! It’s super absorbant. Super cute. Super durable. It wicks away my little ones drool from his chin making him feel comfortable all day. It does not leak to his onsie. It’s the perfect functional bib to match any outfit to keep my little guy looking stylish. Love this product! on 15th Oct 2018

    7. Unexpectedly awesome

      I got this bib as part of a package deal with my wet bags. Only recently started using it and it’s awesome. It didn’t feel very absorbent so I avoided it, but I was wrong. It soaks up drool like crazy and my boy needs that. Planning to add a couple more to his collection.
      Only thing is I wish it came in more colours. Some colours and prints that match the diapers would be sweet.
      on 19th Jun 2018

    8. Excellent Bib!

      I received this bib with my last order and boy oh boy this stands up to any milk mess that baby gets on his face! It's durable and will last a long time. I love the material, soft yet durable and the different fitting sizes work great with my baby. The 3 designs are great and can't wait until more designs come out. It prevents leaks getting down on baby's neck. on 21st Mar 2018

    9. Milky Cheese Smell Protection!

      You know that cheesy smell some babies get? That slightly sour milk smell because they totally over feed and then dribble milk all into the cute folds of thier neck rolls?

      Well this bib is helping prevent that & looks cute while doing so!

      Seriously awesome bib, thanks lilhelpers!!
      on 2nd Feb 2018

    10. Finally a bib that stays on!

      My daughter is drooling constantly at 5 months. We got the Christmas patterned bib to try out. Not only did it make for super cute pictures when matched with a green lil helper diaper, it stayed on we have had Velcro and tie on bibs that she has pulled off, but the lil helper bibs stayed on.
      The bib lasted a couple hours before I had to switch it, which is also better than other brands.
      I can't wait to use it again next Christmas, with the same diaper!
      on 16th Jan 2018

    11. Great bib!

      I just got one of these to try since my little one is a drool machine. What is great is that it's waterproof but not crinkly like most waterproof bibs. It's that crinkly sounds that usually inspires my girl to pull off her bibs and play with them. The other great thing is that the snaps stay put better than Velcro so it stays on. This bib is definitely going to save outfit changes! on 25th Nov 2017

    12. Cute bib, but cotton layer stays wet

      I really liked the shape and quality! The clothes of my twins stay dry indeed. The only downside is that unlike regular bibs (where the moisture get absorbed by a bib), the moisrlture here stays on an outer cotton layer, because it can not penetrate further. My boys are easily developing drool rush, because their chins are touching the wet surface. The bib is fine to use, but it basically lasts for only a few hours before it needs to be taken off to dry. Not sure you could have both worlds (to absorb and to stay dry). But this is just my honest feedback. Hope it helps. on 17th Nov 2017

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