Nader & I met sitting at the back of a calculus class in 2003, during our undergraduate degree in aerospace engineering at Ryerson University, Toronto.

We have studied for exams together, completed our masters thesis sitting on the same bench, lived together (on & off) for more than two years and have spent countless hours discussing (arguing) whose turn it is to clean the washroom and simpler ways of establishing world peace.

What makes us great friends and even better partners is that we have almost nothing in common - from our background to our world view - thus constantly showing each-other different aspects of things we previously thought were one-dimensional. 

What we share is a child-like curiosity about the world, an insatiable appetite for learning and the need to do something more worthwhile with our time, affecting change- be it in the tiniest possible way.

Our labor of love, Lil Helper Cloth Diapers is just an extension of our friendship.

Mohammed Gandhi 


If you happened to call us and heard an accent on the other line - rest assured, we haven’t outsourced our customer service to India - it’s just me. Apart from manning the phone at Lil Helper, I also baby-sit my lovely daughter, Zara, and upon gentle persuasion carefully critique the wonderful cooking of Sophia, my beautiful and talented wife; she has also graciously accepted the thankless job of photography for this site in addition to being our official idea bouncer.

I am an avid reader, have never been impressed with any adaptation of books into movies, practice recycling as a religious obligation, scream like a little girl when scared, addicted to Ricky Gervais’s humor, stay-up to watch The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, absolutely adore my dad (my personal super hero), feel that it is essential to be nice to people at every station in life, cannot drive without listening to CBC radio and my GPS, love to write elegant code, don’t like sci-fi and live on ghazals. Most importantly, if you absolutely love any or all of our products- I deserve 50% of the praise; if you happen to disagree with them - I take 100% responsibility.

You can reach me at: mgandhi (at) lilhelper (dot) ca 

Nader Abu El Samid


I'm an aerospace engineer by profession, and have worked most of life after high school solving major technical issues for some of Canada's most influential companies. What drives me more than anything though is finding ways to tie business together with a worthy cause.

Away from work, I love traveling, and one goal of mine is to visit every country on the planet. On a whim a few years back, I decided to pack my bicycle and go on a trek from Southern Spain to Rome, Italy. It was during this time that my travel goal was almost cut short, because I never knew when one of those crazy drivers was going to knock me off a cliff, sending me careening into the Mediterranean. Fortunately I'm still here to tell the stories.

I live in Toronto, Canada, with Aileen, my charming wife. One thing we really enjoy doing together is cooking cuisine from places we want to visit or have already visited, and it is through this effort that I've discovered my favorite dish: sea urchin fried rice- I highly recommend it. And when I'm not going on suicidal journeys or aspiring to be a top chef, I direct my creative energy towards my passion for art through drawing portraits and landscapes, but lucky for our customers, I don't plan on selling any of the work on our site. 

You can reach me at: nader (at) lilhelper (dot) ca