Why Buy From Us

  • 24/7 Customer Support: Call us anytime toll-free at 1-877-2-877-930. Mail us: delight@lilhelper.ca, we'll get back with a few hours. All our products are tried and tested by at least a few babies and parents.

  • Tried and Tested: All our products are tried and tested by at least a few babies and parents. More importantly, we will only sell products that we currently use or would use in the future on our children without any reservations.

  • Free and Fast Shipping: Unlike other stores that will nickel and dime you for shipping for already lavishly priced products, we at Lil Helper cloth diapers provide you with Free Shipping in Canada & US with purchases over $79.

  • Hassle Free Returns: If you don`t absolutely love our products, just send it back to us. If you offer us a return flight or gas money, we might even consider driving to your place to pick it up ourselves.

  • Honesty is The Best Policy: We will not sell/rent/lease your personal information to any third party, nor will we send you junk mail about the rocking party we threw last week.

  • Good Karma: You are helping a couple of guys live their dream and reinforcing that off-beat ideas that actually solve a real world problem work.

  • Secured Web Transactions: SSL technology ensures that all the transactions on our website are secure from online pirates. We also have kick-ass certificate proving how safe we are.

  • We Are Only Answerable To You: Apart from a little seed money we put in from not paying our outstanding student loans and maxing out our credit cards, we have no external funding or investors. All the business transactions we make and the indecisions thereafter are funded solely by patrons like you. Everything we do is in the best interest of our customers.

  • We Are Like You: Do not be fooled by our movie star looks and redundant education- we are just like you. What it basically means is that we might screw up, but when we do, we'll apologize and try not to make the same mistake twice.

  • Simple People, Simple Words: Thankfully, in the early days of designing our cloth diapers we realized that we are not writing a technical manual for a self navigable picosatellite in lower earth orbit. We are writing for people like ourselves, who like to be spoken to with clarity. We are trying to communicate to people like we. We mean us. We hope you get it.