lil helper was established on the following principles:

  • Offer quality products at reasonable, affordable prices.

  • Provide great customer service throughout the life-cycle of the product.

  • Refuse to sell or endorse anything that we are not comfortable using on our own children. Period.

  • Allot little or no funds to extravagant luxuries like marketing or advertising, but rather to go the extra mile on customer service and let our happy lil helpers (you and your lot) be our cheer leaders.

  • Creating awareness about the benefits of cloth diapering and letting parents know that what works best for their child is also good for our planet.

  • Make our Baby Do Good program an essential part of our philosophy of doing good by doing business, as a testament of our commitment to the larger community, not a marketing gimmick.

  • Make and provide products that we are passionate about, not just because it makes a good business plan.

  • Provide products that give value for money.

  • Strive to make and promote products that are environmentally friendly and sustainable.



More importantly, lil helper was not established for the following things:

  • Destroy the disposable diaper companies: We have never been deluded to think that at any point of time we will convert each and every parent to cloth diapering. All we want to do is provide the information and the resources to parents who are either thinking about it or have already committed to cloth diapers.

  • To change the world:  But perhaps by empowering enough parents to do the right thing we can collectively make that dent or at least a smidgen of a scratch.

  • Make a quick buck: Almost everybody that we met in the baby products industry warned us against wasting our time in developing new products, especially cloth diapers, thinking we are starting it as only a get-rich-quick scheme. Luckily, we are driven by things that are far more important to us.

  • Making you lose weight: Claims made by some rogue babies who are of the opinion that our products make their parents look extremely slim are false. These distortions might be due to the fact that the toddlers have yet not reached 20-20 visual acuity.

  • Improving your sex life: Stop spreading wildly insinuating rumors about our innocent products. You know who who you are. Stop.