Company Profile

For parents whose kids are up & about, i.e. creating a ruckus:

Lil Helper Inc. was founded and managed by university buddies Mohammed Gandhi & Nader Abu El Samid and is based in Toronto, Canada.


For the rest of us whose kids are asleep:

The germ of this venture was sown when my wife, Sophia & I (Mohammed) went to baby stores to look at cloth diapering options for our unborn child. What we saw, we liked but on further research found that most cloth diapers were not very functional and personally, I found them appallingly expensive. My passion for getting the best value for my "hard-earned" money combined with an inherent curiosity drove me to design a more functional & affordable diaper that we could use on on our baby. Nader was sucked into it since he also had his evenings free and is a faster CAD monkey than yours truly (yes, we design all our stuff on CAD software). We were trying to solve our own problem and realized that this quandary is probably being faced by other parents who want to do the right thing for their children as well as the environment, without having to sell their right kidney. In our own minds, we had magnanimously thought of ourselves as Cloth Diaper Men, who were trying to save the world from the evil paws of global warming by single-handedly preventing landfill waste created by disposable diapers. Did I mention, that both Nader & I, hold a bachelors and a masters degree in aerospace engineering and take particular offense when we are not considered the biggest geeks in a room.


The company took form over two years (2009-2011) when Nader & I would meet in the evenings and weekends, after our regular day jobs and obsess over tiny details of how to construct a reusable cloth diaper and other baby stuff that would be convenient, affordable and sustainable. This activity was commonly perceived by our significant halves as a convenient ploy to get away from household chores and familial duties, which was not always true. Once we had a working design for a cloth diaper, we started looking for suppliers to get the raw materials and got it sewn by a professional seamstress, who made us realize that everything that can be drawn cannot be stitched. After a few iterations, we arrived at our current design, which will also evolve with time and feedback.


As the name of our beloved company (coined by Sophia), the company is built around a simple philosophy to make products that provide a lil help to all that are involved- the babies who are our end-users, the parents (uncles, aunts, grandparents, Santa Claus, etc.) who purchase our stuff and the environment at large.


Another important premise of our business, even before it had a name or a ready product, was to set aside a portion of the profits and divert it towards a cause that would help somebody who is not as fortunate and privileged as we are. The Baby Do Good section of our website is an avenue for us to explain what we are trying to achieve as well as account for the funds we have pledged.


Please feel free to contact either me (mgandhi [at] lilhelper [dot] ca) and/or Nader (nader [at] lilhelper [dot] ca) with any suggestions, questions, comments, concerns or simply to point grammatical mistakes. Both of us love to receive mail and promise to personally read each message we receive, until an upper limit of 100 million customers. By that time we will acquire a thought reading machine.