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Overnight Insert Set

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    I am very excited to introduce my new self-help book "How to sleep train your baby in 452 easy steps. One dad's journey from party animal to partLy animal." Upon printing a small batch (100,000 books) of my magnum opus I sadly realised that your kid will be in university by the time you master my 452 steps. Although I highly recommend this encyclopedia to any parent (available in fine bookstores everywhere for $199), it is slightly impractical. If you are in a hurry and want your kiddo to sleep through the night, tonight, you could give our Charcoal Overnight insert a shot:

    It Lasts All Night: Parents have used our overnight cloth diaper insert for 10-12 hours at a stretch.

    Absorbency: You get 8 layers of absorbency in our inserts that will soak up minor oil spills if necessary.

    Stay Dry: Most kids wake up at night because they feel uncomfortable in a wet diaper. The charcoal fabric is completely stay dry. The only way even you will know its wet in the morning is by the weight on the diaper.

    No Leaks: There is an extra gusset on the insert that prevents leaks. Add to that there is a waterproof layer of PUL on the underside of the insert that keeps the cover dry as well.

    Ideal for: If your kid is a heavy wetter and the regular charcoal insert is not enough to last your baby through the night, only then we would recommend getting one these bad boys. Or if your kid is over 18 months old.


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    1. Oh precious sleep, so glad to have you back!

      Our 4 month old had been waking 2-3 times a night in urine soaked sleepers. We tried multiple lil helper insert combinations including charcoal and bamboo. We tried disposables and bigger size disposables. He leaked through everything overnight. He’s fine during the day with more frequent changing (we love our lil helper diapers). In the overnight liners our kiddo sleeps from 7pm to 7am (with dream feed and 5am feed but no diaper changes, no outfit changes and no melt downs). His diaper is full and heavy but his sleeper is bone dry in the morning. We are finally getting good rest. I’m so thankful. on 23rd Jan 2020

    2. No more wet nights

      My 4 month old is a heavy wetter at night and would soak through the diapers, even if changed several times at night. She hasn’t wet through once since using the overnight and booster inserts! on 6th Nov 2019

    3. Work great!

      I love these! My babe is still tiny, but I size up her snaps at night so that I can fit the overnight insert and booster that comes with it in her diaper!
      I have 6 in my stash so that I have 3/night and do laundry every 2 days.
      They take just slightly longer to hang dry than the charcoal inserts, which is still lightning fast!!!
      on 29th Oct 2019

    4. Perfect for night time

      Because my daughter sleeps almost 11 hours a night, the over night inserts are the absolutely best! I never had to worry about her leaking through or exploding out her diaper because they hold so much!! on 8th Oct 2019

    5. Overnight cloth diapering a success

      These are great! I was nervous to try overnight cloth diapering as my son is a heavy wetter and was leaking through disposables overnight at times. A friend recommended giving these a try layered with the bamboo set. We still have a few small leaks, but it's as good as a disposable (if not better!) in terms of leaking. I'd rather be using something sustainable if I'm going to have the odd leak now and then anyway. on 20th Sep 2019

    6. So Far So Great!

      We recently stumbled onto Lil Helpers while searching for overnight diaper options. Up until this point we’ve been using disposables for nighttime since we hand wash and line dry all our diapers and traditional fitted diapers can take forever to dry!
      We started with the trial pack and seeing how quickly those inserts dry we decided to try the overnight insert! So far I am extremely impressed! My 19 month old manages to wet through disposable diapers some nights but so far we’ve woken up dry! The other amazing part about this is that they line dry super quickly which is a major bonus for us! So far we love Lil Helpers and wish we would have discovered them sooner!
      on 18th Sep 2019

    7. Ditch the Disposables!!

      Wow! I had heard only horror stories about using cloth diapers at night but thought I would try out the Lil Helper Overnight Insert. It is game changing!! I’ve only used the overnight insert on its own once and had no problems with leaking. I did however use a regular charcoal insert the following night and had major leaking. Since then I use an overnight insert and a booster for extra piece of mind. I’m so happy to have a diaper that isn’t soaking wet on the outside in the morning!! on 23rd Aug 2019

    8. Works like a charm!

      I’ve been using these diapers as daytime diapers and a disposable at night. I ordered one overnight insert to try and it’s the first time a cloth diaper didn’t leak overnight! It isn’t too bulky but definitely absorbs a lot! on 15th Aug 2019

    9. Great product!

      We received an overnight insert in our last day pack as one of our options as a free gift. Because this company is so amazing! We tried it out and found it kept our son much drier and more comfortable as he sleeps through the whole night now (10+ hours). We knew we had to get a few more overnight inserts as they were just so grand! on 24th Jul 2019

    10. Sleep through the night awesomeness

      My baby boy has only ever peed out this insert once and that's only because he was cluster feeding to the max before bed and he sleeps about 8-10 hours a night. We're talking mommas on the verge of crying because she's tired and her breasts hurt cluster feeding. Only once has this happened. It's bulletproof. My son sleeps better wearing this and he feels dry in the morning. Meanwhile, the diaper is feels like it weighs five pounds. He wakes up happy too. In a disposable, he's crying even before his eyes are open and ya the diaper holds the pee but he's wet and cranky. It's great in the carseat too! on 19th Jul 2019

    11. Happy Sleeper

      We've been using the overnight diapers with our little man for 6 weeks now and they work great. Super easy to use. No folding and layering required!
      Initially we were changing him once through the night when he would feed. Now he's been going longer stretches and the diapers for the most part have been keeping up.
      We've only had a couple times where he woke up soaked through.
      on 29th Jun 2019

    12. Awesome inserts

      Bought these inserts for my granddaughter and her mom always tells me how awesome they are. No leaks! Best of all, no more disposables at night!! on 31st May 2019

    13. Soooo impressed!!!!

      We finally started using the overnight inserts and let me tell you, they are worth their weight in gold! Can't believe I waited until my little one was 10 months old to get them. We have been using cloth since she was 3 weeks old.
      Lil Helper diapers are by far the best and these inserts definitely don't disappoint. I was expecting that the diaper cover would be damp after a 12 hour sleep, but they weren't at all! So so so impressed!!
      on 21st May 2019

    14. Needs more absorbency

      Bought these thinking they'd "fix" overnight bulkiness. But I find I'm adding the same inserts as I was before I bought these, creating even more bulk. Perhaps another layer of microfiber in the insert would help? I do, however, like the waterproof lining on the backside of them, and that they snap into the diaper. on 20th May 2019

    15. A Must Have for Heavy Wetters

      These are a must have for heavy wetters. My son (8 months old) can go 10 hours no problem with no leaks.

      The only thing is they take a while to hang dry and have a musty smell by the elastics cause they’re tight and strong so I throw them in the dryer so it doesn’t have that smell.
      on 24th Apr 2019

    16. Overnights

      Have been using overnight inserts for a few nights now and most nights they hold about 8 hours for my 2 month old (she’s a super sleeper!) A couple times she has soaked through the insert and up her back onto her sleeper. She is a back sleeper so not sure if she is flooding the diaper, we have a compression leak or just pees that much! They fit perfectly in the newer rise shells for us I just wish there was something like a bamboo or hemp layer in there. I think a nice idea would be to have the PUL layer with a hemp or bamboo insert sewn on one end and a charcoal microfibre sew in the other end for easy washing and faster drying! on 15th Apr 2019


      My son is a heavy wetter an there is no leaks in the morning. Better than disposables Try them without any hesitations . They are awesome ! on 29th Mar 2019

    18. Heavy wetter

      My LO is a heavy wetter who sleeps through the night. This insert catches it all! Yay! on 26th Mar 2019

    19. Great overnight insert

      I have never tried a cloth diaper overnight (we mainly use disposable at night) but thought we would try a it with this insert overnight and it is great! Very thick waterproof liner.. she urinates quite a lot and has not had any leaks (plus she sleeps mainly on her tummy and rolls around a lot!). Definitely would like another set to continue to use cloth overnight :) she seems very comfortable with it as well ! on 27th Nov 2018

    20. Overnight insert review

      I was having a hard time with my 5 month old soaking through 2 liners, her onesie AND her sleep sack through the night.
      I guess I have a heavy wetter!!
      I really love the overnight insert, and she can get 8 hours of sleep now without waking up soaked.
      Thank you little helper!!
      on 19th Nov 2018

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