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Large Bamboo Change Mat

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    I am going to tell you a story. This is not a story of triumph. I can share this now because, thankfully, I don’t wet my bed. Anymore.

    I have maintained an unblemished track record for the last 20+ years and counting.

    For the record, I am 29 years old.

    I was 8- the oldest kid in my extended family. All the other kids looked up to me. I could do no wrong in their eyes.

    Our entire family, consisting of 5 uncles and their respective families had gone to a beach resort for the weekend to Daman, a coastal town not too far from Mumbai, India. The place where we lived was a resort in the same capacity as going to Afghanistan can be called a vacation.

    All eight kids were sleeping in a dorm like room, splattered on paper-thin mattresses set on the floor. I was sleeping next to my cousin Bob.

    No child in India is ever named Bob- the mental torture in school would be unbearable. I call him Bob in this story to cloak his identity. His real name is - never mind- its not Bob.

    So Bob was 6. He looked up to me. When we played wrestling, he would let me be Hulk Hogan. He asked me for life advice. I was everything he ever wanted to be.

    I was Bob's hero.

    FYI, Bob is the real hero of this story.

    And that fateful night as we slept on those uncomfortable mattresses, I wet my bed. The dream was so real. If you had seen my dream, I am sure you would have peed too.

    I woke up as soon as I felt that uncomfortable warm-wet feeling.

    My options were limited. Stay and let the revealing yellow patch on the bleached cotton sheet tell a tale of shame to all my younger cousins.

    But those kids would have lost a hero.

    Who would serve as an example for my aunts when they had to discipline their brood?

    I was perfect. I could not be seen as a bed wetter.

    Then I saw Bob’s drooling face.

    I am not proud of what transpired next but I did what I had to do.

    It would all make sense if you saw the climax of the Dark Knight. In this case, Bob was Batman without his explicit consent. He took a blow/leak for the larger good.

    Bob was only 6, he was allowed to wet his bed.

    That’s what I told him when he woke up on my defiled mattress the next morning.

    I assured him that ‘the accident’ was our secret. We took care of the dirty bedsheet better than the Mafioso henchmen dispose off bodies.

    The camaraderie I felt with Bob could only be matched if we fought a war together.

    Bob could have been spared a lot of anguish and years of therapy had my parents had the good sense to just spread something like a Lil Helper Large Organic Bamboo Change Mat on my bedding.

    Sized Perfectly: The large change mat is sized at a convenient 34’’ x 36’’ (86 cm x 91 cm). It's large enough to be used on a toddler's bed and small enough to be tucked cosily in a crib.

    Bamboo Top Layer: The top layer is quilted with 70% organic bamboo and 30% organic cotton on both sides.

    Creepy ShamWow Guy Would Be Proud: The specialty fabric sandwiched between the layers of bamboo is capable of absorbing 10X its weight in water, providing cushioning and absorption.

    Baby Stays Dry: This thirsty combination of naturally wicking material will absorb a torrent of liquid and will still keep the surface feeling dry.

    Waterproof Bottom Layer: The bottom layer of the diaper change mat is lined with a medical grade waterproof material. Now you can lay your baby down for a nap on your single girlfriend’s prized mattress without any worries.

    Safe For Baby & Environment: The top layer is made from pesticide and bleach-free bamboo/cotton. The waterproof barrier is phthalate; BPA,lead and heavy metal free. No other waterproof material comes close to meeting such high standards of manufacturing.

    Family Heirloom In The Making: The waterproof barrier is guaranteed to outlast 200 commercial launderings. Your rugged jeans will tear into rags after just 150 washes.

    One Mat, Multiple Uses: You can use this mat as a play mat when going to the park or visiting a friend's place. It also serves as a portable sleeping area when going on trips or visiting relatives. Using our crib pad ensures that your child doesn't leave a yellow trail on Granny's tempurpedic mattress.

    Pre-Washed; No Shrink: We pre-washed the organic bamboo to get rid of any shrinkage before sewing it with the waterproof barrier.

    And YES! It can go into the dryer: This protector doesn't mind the dryer. You can put it into your dryer at regular heat and it (including the waterproof barrier) will be tickety-boo.

    Made in Canada: All materials, including the bamboo and the waterproof barrier, are manufactured right here in Canada (Toronto, to be specific).

    Awesome Gift Idea: Your friend will love this as a baby shower gift. Or a birthday gift. Or if you hate her sense of style and want to give her an elegantly designed, classic piece that does not scream Disney characters.

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    1. Giant pee pad

      This pad is perfect for my toddlers nap times. Saves my couch if she has a accident. I am so excited for new baby to come to use it for diaper changing and no diaper times!
      The fabric so so soft I want to lay on it myself!
      on 23rd Oct 2018

    2. Risk-free Bare Bum Time

      My daughter has a bath every night and loves bare bum time afterwards. We let her air dry on our bed, which can be a risky activity... she likes to pee when she's diaper-less! I bought this mat for her post-bath ritual and it has been marvelous! It is thick and cozy with the quilted fabric, keeping our little one comfortable and most importantly has a waterproof backing. I have washed the mat several times and it launders wonderfully. A great purchase! on 19th Jul 2017

    3. love this :)

      We love our bamboo mattress protectors! These are so great for everything - i have one under my fitted sheet on my bed for those unpredicted spit ups or let downs in the middle of the night - we also have one that we use in the living room for couch feedings to protect our furniture. So great! on 20th Mar 2017

    4. So soft and absorbent - great for nursing at night

      I bought one of these when I had my first son and just got another now that I have a second. One is covering his mini crib matress, the other is on the bed so we have something soft and absorbent to soak up all the milk.

      Note that it is unfitted so it will not cover a regular crib mattress completely. Still, I've used it on my son's crib and been happy with it. It absorbs a ton and doesn't stain.
      on 4th Nov 2016

    5. The Best Mattress Protector

      Lil Helper was the 3rd brand we tried for mattress protectors. This product is by far the best brand we own. The fabric in others pilled up and had gotten rough or the stitching came loose. However , the Lil Helpers mattress protectors wash and dry so well and the fabric stayed soft, . We also use them as play mats for air time.Very satisfied with this product and will purchase more in the future as gifts. on 11th Jul 2016

    6. Excellent purchase!

      Bought this for my four-year-old son, who is wet most nights. Very helpful for when pull-ups leak, and for as we make the transition into underwear at night. Washes and dries well. Wish it came in a larger size for this specific purpose, but given that it is intended as a crib mattress protector, it works very well! on 3rd May 2016

    7. best thing I own. really.

      When I was pregnant, I made a list of things I needed and did not get tempted or led astray by the variety of baby junk that is out there. Yet this mat called to me. I secretly bought it and hid it from my husband (for months) because I didn't want him to question my purchase. I was afraid that it would not be useful. Before my due date, I put the protector on my bed and my husband protested and said, "she can't sleep on that! It'll leave quilted print marks on her face!" So back in the linen closet it went, assigned to play mat status. Fast forward to a few days post partum when I was leaking milk everywhere. And my newborn cloth diapers leaked because I didn't know how to put them on properly. And so so much laundry. I finally dug this protector out of my closet, never mind the quilted print marks it'd leave on her face. The day was saved. My life got much easier after that. No more ripping off my soaked top sheet in the middle of the night. This mat is our home base. My daughter eats and sleeps and plays on it. Still in lovely shape despite frequent washing but, if it broke tomorrow, I'd buy 2 more. on 9th Apr 2016

    8. Exactly what was needed

      This is great and waterproof, doesn't smell horrible and doesn't bunch up. Bought 2 to rotate through on the crib/bed while one is in the wash (they do take forever to dry) and wish I could afford/justify getting another one to travel with. I find it's easier and nicer to use than a cheap change mat and I can throw this down wherever I am. It's bamboo so it also provides comforting smells instead of "plastic" 4/5 only because of dry time and price! on 7th Dec 2015

    9. Amazing!

      This is amazing! It's so much cozier than most mattress protectors, and is actually incredibly luxurious considering it's a pee pad :) It can soak up a lot of liquid (we tested it by pouring water on it), and is super easy to care for.
      Just to comment on size following another reviewer's comment: I personally think it's the perfect size for our standard-sized crib, as it generously fits side to side with just a small gap at the head and foot of the bed. If you are looking for something to use for co-sleeping, check out the bamboo change-mat. Same awesomeness as the mattress protector, but mini (still big enough to fit under little one's head and bottom at the same time).
      on 1st Dec 2015

    10. excited to try it out

      we havent used it yet but quality looks great and material is soft. It came in a fun package full of cute treats and gifts.
      Great company.
      on 21st Aug 2015

    11. Cool and comfortable

      My son used to wake up soaked in sweat before I purchased this product. Now, he stays cool and comfortable all night, even when it is very hot outside. It does not cover the entire crib, but is large enough to fit under him. I also use it in my bed when co-sleeping and it works well. It is very soft and I am sure I will find more uses for it as time goes on. on 14th Jul 2015

    12. Excellent quality. Wish it were sized differently.

      Overall, I am very pleased with the quality of the protector and would recommend it to others. It is very soft, the packaging is very nice and my son loves it! I purchased this item to go into my son's crib but it does not fit well as it is too large. It fits in the center of my queen sized bed but does not reach the edges of my mattress. Since the edges of the pad are serged it creates an uncomfortable seam for whomever else is in the bed. Also, it does take a long time to dry between washes so keep that in mind when you purchase. It would be a 5 star mattress pad protector if it were sized to fit the standard width and length of a crib matress and/or sized to fit a queen bed and/or a king bed. Offering the pad in various sizes would make this a go-to mattress pad baby shower gift for sure! on 10th Nov 2014

    13. Organic Bamboo crib mattress protectot

      The expectant mom is very happy with this gift. The little baby is expected within the next two weeks. on 18th Sep 2014

    14. Love it!

      This mattress pad is the perfect size for a crib or toddler bed, either on top of the sheet or underneath. The soft texture means it's comfortable for baby to sleep on. It's also the perfect size to take on a picnic or just sit outdoors. It's quite thick without being bulky so it's comfortable on grass. I also love the easy care - just throw it in the washer/dryer - which is an absolute must in my house. The best part is that it is super absorbent! Nothing gets past it. Amazing product with multiple functions that I will use for years. on 26th Aug 2014

    15. More useful than I expected!

      I was on the fence on adding this to my registry. It turns out, it's one of the most useful things I got. It follows me around the house all day, from the bed to the couch to the floor. It keeps all those unexpected messes, especially during naked time, contained. on 15th Nov 2013

    16. I'm not sure how parents survive WITHOUT one of these!

      We have two of these, and they are used every day. A regular sized change mat is great when babies aren't old enough to roll over, or if they're strapped down to one of those Koala Care change tables.
      As soon as our daughter started rolling over, we gave up on her change table. We weren't keen at the prospect of her rolling off it and onto the floor, or having to fight with her and keep her pinned every single time we changed her so that she wouldn't roll off.
      We started using one of these mattress protectors and it's made our lives so much easier. These mattress protectors are big enough that if our daughter flips herself over and makes a break for it in the middle of a change, she won't leave stains everywhere.
      They've also allowed us to let her go without a diaper from time to time to air out, without the constant fear that she'll leave a mess somewhere.
      they're also super easy to fold up and unfold, so they can be used anywhere.
      As far as we're concerned, one of these mattress protectors is a MUST HAVE in any parent's tool kit.
      on 21st Sep 2013

    17. The amazing absorbing poop mat!

      This mat is known in our home as the "amazing absorbing poop mat!"
      I started to use it on my 3 year olds single bed when he started to potty train. It was large enough to stretch across, and would absorb the accidents completely. I could simply roll it up and throw it in the washer after the accidents, it absorbed it all.

      Then one day said 3 year old got a stomach bug... he was up all night, throwing up around every 20 minutes. Now, amazing mother that I am... I didn't realize he was also suffering from diahrrea! I kept changing pillow cases, but he never mentioned anything, and I never even smelt the offending stuff since the mat kept sucking it up! The next morning, poop stain was discovered, baby was kissed and apologized to, and mat was held up for all to see (my 6 year old was most impressed!). All the stains came right out in 1 wash, and the mat was as good as new!

      Poop mat comes everywhere with us since, as my kids like to say, "Pooping happens everywhere! You never know when Poop Mat comes to the Rescue!"
      on 21st Jun 2013

    18. Great mat protector

      I haven't had my first born yet but the crib is up, the mat protector is on & I'm just waiting! We bought a Nook Sleep Pure mattress and wanted a organic mat protector, not fitted. I also wanted a high quality product that would withstand my baby's needs and his siblings down the road. Invest now, save time and money down the road. My google search lead me to LilHelper who met all my criterias. I didn't want a fitted mat protector for a few reasons - at 3am, I don't feel like doing a workout undoing a mat protector & I want to use it for the glider, bed, car & away from home. I much prefer organic & bamboo is such an awesome material for babies.

      I am estatic to have made contact with this company and I hope that stores will start to carry their products for other parents and babies to enjoy!
      on 20th May 2013

    19. Lovely and functional

      We use this for co-sleeping and it is great. No weird smells, and being bamboo it's not as hot to sleep on as a "traditional" crib mattress protector. Really excellent quality! on 12th Mar 2013

    20. Perfect Companion

      This mattress protector is so soft and the quilting is exquisite. I love that it is organic as "traditional" mattress protectors reek of chemicals. It is large and covers the full width of the crib and still leaves length to enjoy my little one's funky (organic) crib sheets. Love that it is made in Canada and I was thrown for a loop by the quality. Excellent all the way around. on 12th Nov 2012

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