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Bamboo Cloth Wipes (4 pcs.)

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    And each time the strategically placed throw moves away from your pearl white couch, exposing "the stains"- say a lil prayer for the things that can be wiped clean.This new style of cloth wipe from Lil Helper has two layers. The top layer is the same bamboo material (80% cotton bamboo 20% polyester)  found on our bamboo inserts. The bottom layer is the same material as the soft micro fleece found inside our cloth diaper shells. If you are familiar with Lil Helper products, theres are materials you know and love. Most importantly, both sides are super soft and perfect for baby's bum!

    10 Uses for Cloth Wipes from Lil Helper

    1. Washcloths (especially great for sensitive newborn skin): Terry cloth can be too rough for sensitive skin. The bamboo cotton and fleece we use offer a softer, gentler experience.

    2. Stash em in the diaper bag: Kids are messy. Boogers, muddy puddles, a melty snack – any of these messy mishaps can happen anywhere. You never know when a sturdy cloth wipe (or 5) will come in handy. So stash some in the diaper bag for messy emergencies!


    3. Tuck them behind/under/beside the high chair:  Learning to eat is a VERY sloppy process. And if you use paper towel or wet wipes to clean up, it can be an expensive one too! Having a few cloth wipes nearby during mealtimes will make for easy & cost-efficient cleanup. Or, you could just get a dog…


    4. Treat yo self!: I have a confession to make. I, Kate, Social Media Manager & blogger for Lil Helper cloth diapers, hoard Lil Helper cloth wipes… for myself. Yes. It’s true. I have a stash of wipes in my drawer in the bathroom that I use for face cloths. Sometimes I use them when washing/exfoliating my face but most of the time I use them to remove makeup. Your face will thank you and remember, it’s always important to…


    5. Give them to friends: Whether your friends are interested in cloth diapering or not, cloth wipes are so versatile that they make a fantastic gift! Baby showers, 1st birthdays, 21st birthdays, 60th wedding anniversaries… or even when you see a parent who forgot wipes in a messy situation at the park.

    6. Dishcloths: Cloth wipes are perfect for cleaning delicate dishes like wine glasses & china. Soft bamboo means no micro scratches or streaks.


    7. Clean your glasses/screens: Having trouble reading this blog post? Yeeeah… you might need to give your glasses or screens a good wipe down. Lil Helper cloth wipes don’t get fuzzy so you can clean your glasses & screens without leaving any fibres behind!

    8. Dust those shelves… yes… the top ones, too!: Add a little water get to dusting! The damp bamboo and fleece picks up dust and dirt easily. Just make sure you don’t forget the top shelves (I always do…)


    9. Set up a baby doll changing station: If you have a child that LOVES taking care of their baby doll, they will go bananas if you set up a proper diaper changing station for them complete with cloth diapers & cloth wipes. When it’s time to potty train, add a mini potty in the mix too!

    10. Family cloth: What is family cloth? Family Cloth = Reusable Toilet Paper. Family cloth is a fantastic way to save money & the planet – just like cloth diapers! Curious about how to get started with family cloth?


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    1. Amazing!

      Love these wipes! We used them daily during the newborn stage on our son’s face and have always used them during bath time as they’re perfect for his delicate skin. It’s my go-to gift for baby showers! on 26th Feb 2020

    2. soft and thick!

      I actually prefer these as an extra booster in my son's diapers. He is a super heavy wetter and so I add it to the front of the diaper. Ever since I started doing this - no leaks! on 1st Aug 2019

    3. Amazing quality

      Love that’s ots so soft and thick. Toonice to use on just the bum. We use these mainly for cleanup after mealtimes! on 12th Jan 2019

    4. Amazing quality

      Love that’s ots so soft and thick. Toonice to use on just the bum. We use these mainly for cleanup after mealtimes! on 12th Jan 2019

    5. SO SOFT!!!

      Seriously, the softest wipes on the market. My son spits up an insane amount, and his face would have been falling off had we used any other wipes. These wipes are SO DARN SOFT. We use them only for wiping his face, nose, etc. and they work great. My sister has been trying to sneak some from me to use to clean off make-up, and several other family members have been eyeing them for various other needs. They are pricey compared to the others available in stores, but man, these are so worth every penny! on 8th Jan 2019

    6. Amazing!

      These are by far the best reusable cloths we've found. They are so soft so our daughter never complains! We can't believe how absorbant they are even after multiple washes. Thanks for a great product! on 27th Mar 2018

    7. Love these Wipes

      I have 12 of these wipes. They are so soft, durable and washes very well with the cloth diapers. They are strong and you can tell they will last a very long time. The material is excellent and works as a booster to prevent leaks in the diapers. It provides a great experience on my baby's skin and with the soft material, it ensures there isn't any damage done to my baby's soft, gentle skin.

      I use these wipes as an extra layer to prevent leaks (my baby boy is a heavy wetter) and these work great!

      on 21st Mar 2018

    8. Absolutely love these!

      These are so lovely! We use them during bath time. They are so soft and they float, making them easy for her to grab and chew on.
      The softer side is super plush, and the 'rougher' side is still soft but able to grab all the food stuck under her chins. Will definitely build up a stash of these!
      on 14th Mar 2018

    9. Eco-friendly option

      These are awesome! Such a great option to avoid unnecessary waste. on 21st Feb 2018

    10. Luxurious!

      My absolutely favourite wipes. So soft, just like my babies bottom's - I never hesitate to use these on any part of their body as they are just SO SOFT! on 13th Dec 2017

    11. So soft.

      I absolutely love these whipes wish I had more. They are so soft and gentle. :) perfect for my little ones bum. on 13th Dec 2017

    12. Super soft!

      I love using these wipes as they are just sooo soft. I wasn’t sure about using cloth wipes at first but I am now a fan! on 13th Dec 2017

    13. Excellent Quality

      Excellent quality and easy to clean!! not to mention great for the environment :) on 1st Dec 2017

    14. New wipes are the best wipes ever!

      I love these new wipes, they are incredibly soft and just feel good in your hand. They are also the perfect size to fit in a wipe warmer or recycled plastic wipes container. Their cleaning ability is fantastic. I have 2 packs now and feel the urge to get some more very soon! on 29th Oct 2017

    15. Love these cloths!

      These cloths are amazingly soft on the one side and just slightly rougher on the other side that's great for wiping!
      I had to buy 4 packs so that I could snag a couple for myself!
      on 14th Sep 2017

    16. best wipes!

      We love these wipes and only use these wipes on our little! They are large enough that one (usually) does the trick and they are so soft on baby's bum! on 20th Mar 2017

    17. Amazing

      These are fabulous wipes received some to try and ordered more. They are great for face, hands, bottom, material is so nice and woollies don't stick to them like some other facecloths :)
      Wish they came in another color in addition to the red ...then I could separate ones for bottom and ones for other. Great product!!!
      on 24th Feb 2017

    18. red vs white wipes

      I have to agree with a previous post that the red cloth wipes' dye seems to bleed however I stopped washing them with the diapers and use a separate wet bag for the used wipes. They do not bleed anymore and I actually prefer them to the white ones as the white ones stain easily. They also seem to be of better quality -to me. Washing the white wipes with oxi clean baby seems to help, that is the reason I stopped washing them with my diapers as oxi clean baby isn't a recommended detergent for lil helper diapers.
      All in all I love their wipes but have a little preference for the darker fabric.
      on 13th Jan 2017

    19. Fantastic for everything

      I originally ordered additional cloth wipes because my son had a very nasty diaper rash that required prescription cream. We were using huggies natural wipes and it turned out they were burning his little bum. With the help of the cream and cloth wipes, his rash cleared up in 2 days. We now use a combo of Aleva ultra sensitive bamboo wipes (traveling) and the cloth issues anymore!

      We also use the cloth wipes for his face (he is an extremely messy bottle eater), as wash cloths for bath time, and anything else involving clean up on our baby. The cloth wipes clean well and are very soft to use. They have been a perfect solution for his sensitive skin!

      We didn't have any issues with the red cloths staining or running in the wash. We washed them using cold water and the white Tide (for sensitive skin).
      on 20th Dec 2016

    20. Soft durable wipes

      Love these soft wipes. We use some in the kitchen for hands and faces after meals and some in the nursery for bum wipes. My only wish is that they were patterned to hide some of the smoothie stains on the kitchen ones, but that's a minor quibble in something that is clearly well made. on 26th Oct 2016

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