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Memory Foam Pillow + Cover

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    Memory Foam Pillow

    Time to get a little personal, friends.

    As a kinda-sorta-writer and a self-proclaimed big ole’ nerd…

    I’ve always been a big fan of the use of irony in books, TV, and movies.

    Now, despite what Alanis Morissette may have led you to believe, irony doesn’t have anything to do with rain on your wedding day… or spoons.

    In actual fact, there are three types of irony.

    The first is verbal irony. This is when someone says one thing but means or implies another. A good example of this is sarcasm.

    And if you’ve read even a word of product descriptions on Lil Helper’s site, I don’t need to say any more about how much joy I get from verbal irony.

    The second is situational irony. This is basically when the opposite of what you would expect occurs. Like a fire station burning down. Or a police officer getting robbed.

    The last type of irony is dramatic irony. This is when the reader or viewer has important information that at least one of the characters does not.

    One example of this is when, in a horror film, the viewer knows where the killer is lurking but the characters do not. This creates irony, while also leaving us to scream at our television sets in frustration.

    Another example is when every parent in your life knew how insane bringing home a new baby can be but neglected to mention it until after you were expecting…

    In point of fact, parenting is full of “fun” little ironies.

    One of which, is the fact that a tiny creature who sleeps more hours in the day than they are awake and spends most of their time lying on their back, can somehow make you SOOO exhausted.

    For those of you playing along at home, that would count as situational irony. But knowing that probably doesn’t make up for the fact that you are so tired your toes hurt.

    Getting your baby settled so that you can have a few moments without them in your arms can be a far more daunting task than it seems like it should be.

    We have many rites and rituals in our house associated with creating a content and cooing child, most of which are centred around making the baby as comfy and cozy as humanly possible.

    At Lil Helper, as much as we love an unexpected twist, we know that, when parenting, there are days that will drive you to the end of your rope and make it impossible to laugh at the irony of a situation.

    Days like that are the reason we are all about putting tools in the hands of parents that will make their lives better and easier.

    And what makes your life better and easier than when your baby has a lovely place to rest long enough for you to get the feeling back in your arms and maybe grab a snack?

    That is why we created our contoured Memory Foam Pillow.

    Gets Baby Off Their Back: As a new parent, I often dreamed about having a day that I could spend just laying around. But laying around too much isn’t good for anyone, including your little one. Plagiocephaly, or “flat head syndrome” is a super common occurrence among babies, especially ones who spend a lot of time on their back. Our Memory Foam Pillow provides a cozy place for baby to lay that can help prevent flat head.

    Takes the Pressure Off: And we don’t just mean you and your aching back. The Memory Foam Pillow evenly distributes your babies weight, so no extra pressure is being put on their fragile little frames.

    Soft and Supportive: Designed to cradle baby the way that you would, the pillow comfortably supports baby’s head and spine.    


    Important Note!

    It may not seem like we take a lot of things seriously at Lil Helper, but the safety of your child is one thing that we would never take lightly.

    In accordance with the American Academy of Pediatrics’ recommendations on creating a safe sleep environment:

    "Place the baby on his or her back on a firm sleep surface such as a crib or bassinet with a tight-fitting sheet. Avoid use of soft bedding, including crib bumpers, blankets, pillows and soft toys."

    Parents or caretakers must use this or any other pillow when baby is awake or for supervised naps only.


    There are days when I think that becoming a parent may make me lose my taste for irony. Like when my toddler runs away from his Dad, who is spraying him with the hose, and falls, diaper and all, into his kiddie pool instead.

    But in reality, parenting has probably made me appreciate the moments of humour, irony, and insanity that the universe seems to throw our way on the daily.

    Awesome products, like the ones we make at Lil Helper, help me find some moments of peace and stability in the day-to-day chaos of parenting, but often times it is the crazy and the unexpected that end up being the highlights of my day.


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