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    We usually just sell our Large Wetbag for $24.95, our Zipper Wetbag for 9.95, and a bandana bib for $5.99 and if your order is under $79, we'd have to charge you another $5.99 for shipping. So you'd be paying $46+. #nofun

    But for a limited time you can have the Wetbag Bundle, consisting of a Large Wetbag (colour of your choice) + 1 Zipper Wetbag (colour/print of your choice), and a bandana bib (print of your choice) including FREE SHIPPING in Canada for $29.95 !!!! 


    Click here to read the deets ===>>> Lil Helper's Large Wetbag

    Here's a video of our Large Wetbag:

    Here's a Video of our Reversible Bandana Bib:

    Look, accidents happen. If they didn't, we wouldn't be in business. So it's about preventing mistakes where you can, and dealing with them where you can't. So if you have a child, there are going to be 'accidents'. Big smelly, messy, sticky, don't-read-this-while-eating-lunch accidents. The household equivalent of nuclear waste. You need to keep it confined and contained, and there can't even be a chance of leakage or you'll be faced with a cherNOPEyl. In fact, whatever device holds these little nuggets of terror might be the most important device in your house. 

    That's why we at Lil Helper are proud to present the large wetbag! The perfect diaper bag for you and yours!

    Q: So it's like the regular wetbag, but... bigger?
    A: Essentially. And it has a drawstring instead of a zipper. Isn't this normally where you ask a bunch of questions about what it does? 

    Q: I mean, it's a diaper bag. I think I understand the core concept. When you have a dirty diaper, you put it in the wetbag so it doesn't leak anywhere. Diaper bag.
    A: Right. Except this one is reeeeeeeally big. Like, holding 15-20 diapers big. So you won't have to do laundry every day, you can do it weekly and still never worry about what all of those dirty diapers are doing while you wait. Simply put them in our largest wetbag yet! So no more questions? Great! I'll grab lunch and...

    Q: Hoooooold on, I'm not done with you yet. How do I know this won't leak?
    A: Well, like a chain is only as strong as its weakest link, a wet bag is only as strong as its weakest corner. That's why we spent days figuring out how to make the strongest corners in the industry! We have double stitched, two ply corners to ensure that nothing, and I mean nothing, can possibly get through. We turned the weakest part of any bag into the strongest!

    Q: You know, I have noticed that it's the corners that leak first. Cool. What else?
    A: The other weak point that is a constant concern on other, lesser bags is the stitching. Under the constant stress and tension that these bags go through, the stitches can often rip over time. But our stitches are elastic. Like the willow tree, they bend and stretch under pressure, but are always left standing.

    Q: Hey, that sounds pretty awesome!
    A: Yep! Anything else?

    Q: Heh, no, you can go to the stock descriptions now.
    A: Yay! 

    It’s the Lil Helper large wetbag:

    Waterproof Material: Our wet bag is made of the same resilient, waterproof PUL that is used for our PUL cloth diapers. When we say waterproof, we essentially mean that the bag won't leak if you happen to put in diapers that are "moisture laden".
    Secure Construction: All our wetbags are double stitched to prevent leaks- a feature available in no other wetbag on the market. The bottom of the bag is continuous fabric and the top is a zip- also preventing leaks.
    Convenient & Multi-Use: The bag is big enough to store 15-20 diapers, ideal being on the move or daycare use.

    And of course, all of this comes with the our legendary customer support where emails are answered within minutes and you always have the option to call in with questions.

    Cloth diapering, like any new thing you try, has a learning curve but our diapers are designed to be intuitive mixed with our over-zealous customer service, you will never be in want of answers.

    Think we are kidding? Here’s the cell number of Lil Helper’s CEO, Mohammed, 647-885-4642. Ask him why you should get his diapers. Don’t worry about the time- just call. Now try that with any other company.

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    1. I’m impressed

      When my daughter asked for a large bag to support her decision to use cloth diapers I was sceptical. I used to fold kite shaped diapers in my day and wondered why anyone would go back to that diaper pail full of bleach water soaked rags when they could use absorbent little disposable. But I am impressed with the softness and absorbency of the diapers and liners and the small and large bags just send me over the top! So environmentally friendly and so comfy for baby (and cute too!). Congratulations on your products! on 11th Dec 2019

    2. Amazing deal!

      We absolutely love our late wetbag! It is perfect in our nursery! I have it clipped to my hamper and have purchased a second wet bag to keep my liners and diapers seperate (as I like to do an extra wash on the poopy liners). Our small wetbag is the perfect size for our diaper bag and the pattern is absolutely adorable! Again I bought a second one so I can keep my clean ones in one bag and my dirty in another (for organizational purposes). And of course the bib is absolutely adorable! We even received an extra bib because they didn’t have the pattern I wanted in stock. on 11th Oct 2019

    3. Attractive and practical

      It's always nice to find a product that's pretty yet does its job too, which is to contain the soiled diapers! This keeps it all together, with minimal odours, and make it easy to haul the diaper load to the washer for cleaning. Also, a deal is always sweet! on 19th Aug 2019

    4. Great Diaper Pail Liner

      This large wet bag is the perfect fit for our diaper pail. It makes laundry super easy. I fill up the bag and haul it with all the wet diapers to the laundry room without any mess! on 17th Aug 2019

    5. Love the large wet bag!

      Perfect size for the pail, no leaks and Love the design. on 28th Jun 2019

    6. Great bundle

      Holds 15-20 diapers easily. We love it.
      They also threw in an extra gift!
      on 10th Apr 2019

    7. Favourite Laundry Bag

      While we don't cloth diaper (I know, I know...) I absolutely love the lil helper large wet bags. They make the perfect laundry bags! We use one in the nursery and have two that we use while traveling to keep all the dirty laundry separate from the clean. on 17th Feb 2019

    8. Wet bags

      I have the big wet bag the small wet bag and the wet&dry bag. I love them. They are so useful and surprisingly hold the dipper smell inside on 5th Nov 2018

    9. Wet bags

      I have the big wet bag the small wet bag and the wet&dry bag. I love them. They are so useful and surprisingly hold the dipper smell inside on 5th Nov 2018

    10. LOVE!!

      I love my bags! Made very well, great quality. Definitely extended my days between I have to do laundry. Before it would stink so bad I'd do three daily. Now I can't smell a thing. I can get away with washing them 2x-3x week. on 4th Oct 2018

    11. Great price!

      When I decided to go the cloth diaper route, I figured I'd sew up a couple wet bags. But then I spotted this deal and realized this is actually more economical in the end than buying all the supplies to make a large and small wet bag. Plus it was WAY easier for this new mama to not have to find time to sew!

      So far both bags have been great! The large wet bag is the right size for one solid load of diapers, inserts, and bum cloths. And the little one is super handy. Both seem to keep the stink at bay, too!
      on 16th Sep 2018

    12. Amazing!

      I purchased the large wetbag deal (because why's an amazing deal!) and chose purple for the large bag. It is such a vibrant colour and from a practical perspective, it works perfectly in our diaper pail. I'm happy we chose this as we previously used a different wet bag that couldn't hold nearly as much and didn't stay put in the pail. We will be travelling in a few weeks and I plan to take this with us to keep all the dirty diapers in the suitcase and avoid reverting to disposables on the trip. on 22nd Aug 2018

    13. Large Wetbag Deal

      I needed a smaller wetbag for my diaper bag and this deal had the perfect sized one. I order the chocolate milk colored one, I have gotten so many compliments on its size and function! I also love the little bib that came with, it's absorbent and so cute on my little one. The large wetbag holds all the dirty diapers until wash day and my bathroom where I keep it never smells like dirty diapers! (as long as you remember to keep the bag closed!) it also doesn't leak any mess either while holding the diapers. They are amazing, such great products!!! on 14th Aug 2018

    14. Just what we needed!

      This bundle was just what we were looking for! We had been improvising for storing diapers with our first child but knew we needed a better solution when our second baby arrived. We loved the ability to get both bags for such a great price and the bib was an added bonus! The items arrived very quickly and my husband couldn't stop laughing when he read all the production descriptions and notes. The wet bags work just as expected and we love the colours. We are very happy with our purchase! on 23rd Jun 2018

    15. Awesome deal, and service!

      I ordered a large and small wet bag separately (forgetting about the bundle deal) but was so pleasantly surprised that Lil Helper would allow me to change my order after the fact. They were so helpful and accommodating. The bags themselves are awesome. I placed the large one in our diaper pail for every day use and placed the small one in the diaper bag! I will definitely be ordering another bundle for wash days! Thanks again Lil Helper! on 4th Jun 2018

    16. A no brainer!

      This is a fantastic deal. Lil Helper wetbags are perfect. No leaks and perfect sizes. I use the large wet bag in my ubbi diaper pail and the small one is great for cloth diapering on the go. Will be ordering another deal to have a back up on wash days! on 25th May 2018

    17. Great deal!

      Where to start? All the prints are super cute, and I love the wetbags. They wash great and work well. The only downside is that I wish the large wetbag had a zip closure so I could tighten it more or was elastic so I could stretch it around my diaper "garbage can". It's a bit too small to fit in the one I have and I can't quite close the drawstring as much as I would like, there's always a gap at the top. on 10th May 2018

    18. Great wet bag!

      This wet bag is a great size. I have a set of twins and I am able to put 2 days worth of diapers in the bag before I do a wash. Since the bag is waterproof, the corners take a tad longer to dry but that doesn't bother me. The travel wet bag is a good size for on the go. Thank you for such a quality product! on 9th May 2018

    19. Awesome deal

      Love my purchase! The large wetbag were absolutely great quality and it can store up a lot of soiled diapers. The small wet bag is very good for travelling. The bandana bib are super soft and it's beyond my expectations. Overall 3 items were absolutely fantastic! Love love love them all! Definitely will introduce to any new mom to be! :) on 9th May 2018

    20. Large Wet Bag

      Great quality product. Keeps the smell in and holds two full days of cloth diapers and inserts. Very happy with it! on 1st May 2018

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