How Many Cloth Diapers Do I Need?

We answer variants of how many Lil Helper Cloth Diapers do I need for my baby every day, so here it is: the simplest way to know how many Lil Helper cloth diapers you will need.

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How many cloth diapers do I need

Our diaper shells or covers are designed to allow parents to use it multiple times during diaper changes, where only the soiled or wet insert is replaced with a fresh one. Hence, instead of buying more diapers, you would save money and reduce your laundry load by buying more inserts. You can interchange any diaper with any insert in our store.

So I assume you want to do a laundry load every 2-3 days. A newborn is expected to go through 8-12 diaper changes a day- lets average it out to 10 diaper changes a day. This is the maximum number of times you will change your child, hence this is the worst case scenario.

As your child gets older, you will need fewer diaper changes.

You can easily reuse the Lil Helper diaper cover at least twice before putting it for a wash. Thus, each day you would need 6 diaper covers with 10 pairs of inserts. We have conveniently set up a Day Pack for you which has enough diapers, extra inserts + accessories for 1 full day of cloth diapering needs.

After two days, you'll have 12 soiled diaper covers and 20 soiled insert sets. End of 2 days, you would have 2 dirty Day Packs.

While you are laundering the soiled diapers you'll still have 6 clean diaper covers and 10 sets of fresh inserts or 1 full day pack. For three days you would need 18 diapers (each diaper comes with a pair of charcoal inserts) and an additional 12 inserts, which is basically 3 Day Packs.

You could get a few more diapers just to give you a little bit of cushion. For the fourth day, assuming you've washed and dried the diapers on the third night you'll have your stash clean and ready for another round of (ab)use.

If you'd like to get one of our Cloth Diaper Day Packs: