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    A Dry/Wet Bag, a Biggie Bib and some Bamboo Wipes walk into a bar...

    two cowboys standing in a bar. One slaps the other and quick-draws while he is reacting.

    Just kidding. They didn’t go to a bar.

    But they DID jump into your shopping cart (and brought along a choice of either a FREE Bandana Bib or Small Zipper Wetbag) for an OUT OF THIS WORLD price of only 39.95$ with free shipping. That is a saving of 35%! 

    Rihanna sitting in a chair. Her face in disbelief saying, "WHAT?!"

    Whether you decide to blast off with some Space Dino’s or wander through the forest with Bears, feel confident that this bundle deal will make sure you are prepared for any of life’s surprising moments! 

    Yes, even these ones....

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    1. Great accessory kit!

      Not sure what I need to add to the previous reviews - it's an awesome deal and the products are excellent.

      Having the bigger bag (wet/dry) is great for at home by the main changing station (before they get rinsed and put into the large wet bag) and if we are going away for a day trip, you can pack a whole bunch of diapers in the dry part. Having the extra wet bag means we can have one in our diaper bag at all times and not have that terrifying moment when you are out that you don't have a place to put the soiled diaper.

      Bib: did not see that coming with how much we use and love it. We have a 3 month old that is quite the 'dribbler' and the bib protects clothing = fewer changes of clothes and less laundry = happy parents. The Space Dinos print also is great conversation starter when you are out and about!
      My only "complaint": I want more prints/solids of the biggy bib!
      on 8th Nov 2018

    2. Love this deal

      I'm not going to lie. I got excited when I saw Lil Helper had this deal. I LOVE the first wet/dry bag I got and i wanted another one. It holds a lot of diapers and i use them for my kids dirty clothes when we are out. The fact that i got another wet/dry bag and a biggie bib was amazing. The biggie bib is my favourite bib to put on my little guy. I get sad when it needs to be washed. The wipes are super soft and gentle. I'm definitely going to buy more! Thank you so much! on 1st Nov 2018

    3. Absolutely in love with the dry/wetbag!

      We are absolutely thrilled with the dry/wetbag. It holds diapers, snacks, cloths and more. It's very easy to carry when out and about - our toddler even prefers to carry it over his shoulder! The print we purchased was the one with the bears on it, and we love it. If only the space dinos were available at the time we took advantage of this deal, we would have purchased that one!

      As always, we are loyal to Lil Helper and keep coming back!
      on 30th Oct 2018

    4. Zipper bag is always in my diaper bag!

      I just bought this deal for a baby shower gift because I really like my Lil Helper Zipper bag which I have in my diaper bag at all times. I use it for cloth diapers but also for any wet laundry on the go (lots of dirty pjs/onesies in the early months!). Plus the colors are so cute, love the chocolate milk! on 30th Oct 2018

    5. Love lil helper!

      Recently bought the wet/dry bag and absolutely love it ! Not only are the prints super cute but I can fit 6-8 diapers easily! on 26th Oct 2018

    6. So handy for child care

      I ended up buying 3 wet/dry bags so I can have one for each daypack of diapers. I pack them with dry diapers to take for our day home and our child care provider can just pop the used ones back in the bag and I can take it home. Then I can wash the whole lot while I pack the next one for the following day. Makes providing cloth diapers for our day home provider so easy and neat. Really handy and so light, not like lugging around another diaper bag. on 25th Oct 2018

    7. Can’t go wrong!

      I used an upcoming trip as an excuse to order this deal and it didn’t disappoint! The biggie bib is so soft, perfectly sized to cover clothes and catch food. My self feeding toddler ate oatmeal at church last night without a drop on his clothes! The wetbag is perfect for dirty diapers on the go! I like to use the two pouches to separate the poop from the wet diapers to avoid any “surprises”. Of course, as with any lil helper order they went above and beyond, adding amazing freebies! Thanks so much Lil helper team, you are the best!! on 22nd Oct 2018

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    Your choice of FREE GIFT!: Zipper Wetbag OR Bandana Bib