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T-Shirt Wipes (10 pcs.

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    Behold, the famous T Shirt Wipes that have been extremely highly requested, now available to purchase AND in a variety of butt-kicking SURPRISE colours that could slay a Minotaur any day. 

    These poop-wipers are 2-ply, 100% cotton t-shirt material. Simply dampen with some warm water, clean up that 3-alarm mess (seriously, when did she even eat corn last, anyway?!), and toss them in with your regular diaper laundry! Zeus himself was so impressed with the design he had to do a double take!! 

    Made humbly in Toronto, CA, these suckers pack a serious punch and wash up like a dream. They just keep getting softer and softer! (Just like your favourite t-shirt in your closet).

    Plus, they keep thousands of pounds of wipes out of landfills and keep more money in your wallets. Sounds like a pretty good deal, eh?

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    1. Amaze balls!!

      The verdict is in, my t shirt wipes are PERFECT! Just exactly what I was looking for. on 28th Jan 2020

    2. T-shirt wipes

      I love this product. They're super soft and great for any mess. I will definitely be ordering mire! on 24th Jan 2020

    3. Great (but not the sweatshirt type)

      It’s too bad you couldn’t order strictly the T-shirt wipes because they are awesome. The sweatshirt material ones are too thick for wipes for us. I end up just putting those under the bum as I allow air dry time/apply diaper cream/get the new diaper ready just in case baby poops more. on 27th Dec 2019

    4. Great for face and butt

      After receiving a couple of surprise complementary cloths in one of my purchases (so generous!), I was hooked!!!
      I keep 2 separate stashes of these. One for babes face and the other for her butt. For wipes, I keep them moist in a wipe warmer on my change table and stock it as needed.
      This product seems to come in 3 different’ll get a mix. One type is SUPER soft - I use these on the face. Another is a bit stretchy - I use these on the butt. The third fabric is like a thicker cotton sweatshirt - these make awesome burp cloths!!!
      I had already eliminated wasteful disposables, now I’ve eliminated a need for a second diaper pail in my nursery with cloth wipes! Yay!
      on 30th Oct 2019

    5. Love these wipes!

      really like the quality of these tshirt wipes on my son's skin. i didn't realize that they would come in different thickness sizes but it works for me! i use these wipes a lot and so glad i bought them. on 16th Aug 2019

    6. Unexpected Variety

      I was a bit surprised to see the variety of weights and thicknesses on these wipes. I don’t use the heavy ones (sweatshirt wipes?) because they take too long to dry and take up too much space in the wipes bin. It would have been nice to get a heads up on what I was purchasing, as I thought they were all uniform. The other ones work fine. A few of them are fraying on the edges, but they’re bum wipes so it doesn’t really matter. on 11th Jul 2019

    7. SO SOFT

      They are so soft that i use them to wipe off my LO face after just ate . He use to cry with regular face cloth but not with these ones . Will by more for sure! on 29th Mar 2019

    8. Love Cloth Wipes!

      These are great wipes. Love the t-shirt material and prefer these to the bamboo wipes. Was looking to make the switch but kept putting it off due to the cost - these wipes are GREAT value! Only gave 4 stars because it feels like the material used is not pre-shrunk. Since mine have gone through the dryer, the different layers don’t all match up anymore due to some shrinkage. Also some wipes are a very thin material while others are a bit thicker - there is no consistency. All in all, a great purchase for a great price! on 18th Dec 2018

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