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Trial Diaper Deal - LIMITED TIME ONLY - 65% off on 1 Diaper + Free Shipping NEW CUSTOMERS in Canada

CAD 30.95
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CAD 9.99 (You save CAD 20.96)
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    You: So what do I get in the trial kit?
    Me: 1 charcoal cloth diaper (1 Solid) that come with 2 inserts each ($24.95) + shipping ($5.99) in Canada. The retail price for the trial kit is $30.95 but in this limited time offer you get it for $9.99 + FREE SHIPPING. Basically 60% off.
    Since charcoal is stay dry it works great as a night time diaper or when your baby has a rash or generally sensitive skin. All our cloth diapers come with 2 inserts each and the outer shell is a one-size waterproof cover that will fit your baby from birth till they are potty trained.  This is how our customers react when they find out that Lil Helper is their new fave diaper.

    You: Wow, great offer, I have been a long time customer of yours and I would love to add a colour or 2 to my stash?
    Sorry. This limited time trial offer is only for 1st time customers who've never tried a Lil Helper Cloth Diaper. If you have used a Lil Helper cloth diaper before, you can attest to the fact that it is a quality product, backed by passionate customer service and it would please us to bits if you get one of our other packages. This offer is specifically for the folks who are on the fence about Lil Helper as a company and not sure what to expect from the product.

    You: May I buy some for my family or friends?
    Sorry, this offer is for personal use only. You can certainly invite your friends and family to avail of this fab offer but cannot buy for them as gifts. The Shipping & Billing Address needs to be the same or we will cancel the order and refund your money.

    You: 65% off?? For your premium cloth diapers that everyone raves about?? I am going to buy my whole stash!!
    Me: Hold on now. You can only buy 1 trial diaper kit at 65% off, which includes 1 All-in-Two One-Size Charcoal Cloth Diaper + Free Shipping. Only 1 cloth diaper trial kit per household.

    You: What the %^&*? Why wouldn't you let us buy more diapers at this insane price?
    Me: Precisely that- because it is kinda crazy. We are losing money even letting you buy this 1 trial diaper kit. But we want you to try our amazing diapers first-hand so you know why Lil Helper Cloth Diapers are the best in the market.

    You: Great offer! I will come by next month to buy a diaper.
    WAIT! This is a limited time offer and we will pull the plug on this offer at any point. It is an experiment on our end. So it's now or never.

    You: Tell me, what's the catch, I am tired and I feel like the great deal on this premium charcoal cloth diaper is too good to be true.
    Me: Seriously, no catch. All we want is for you to try Lil Helper Cloth Diapers with little to no risk, so you yourself can experience why our customers LOVE us so much.

    You: So you are doing the old drug dealer trick, ha? The first hit is on the house but then we pay full price the next time around, right?
    Me: Yes! You got it.

    You: So if I pick-up anything else from your store, will it still be free shipping?
    Me: I am sorry, no. We charge $5.99 for all orders under $79. Orders above $79 ship free. If you are an international buyer, place your order and we will get you an awesome shipping rate.

    You: Thank you for having this awesome deal! It will make me comfortable ordering my entire stash from Lil Helper once I try out your diaper. Thanks!
    This is my reaction each time a customer of leaves us a YouTube review.

    So please, please leave us a review once you try our diaper.

    You: What if I don't like my trial diaper? I can send it back, right?
    Me: What? Not like our diapers? How could that be? IMPOSSIBLE! But please note: there are no refunds on trial diapers. That's why it's a trial diaper, to see if it works for you. If you are having issues with your trial diaper (fit, leaks, snapping and so on) why not call or email us and we'll do whatever we can to help you out! We're always around somewhere: or 1-877-2-877-930

    You: One last question; how long does it take to ship the Trial Diapers specifically?
    Me: Here is a video that should answer any questions you may be having right now:

    If you still haven't received your diaper after three weeks, though, please come back to me and I will make sure we get a diaper to you asap.


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    1. Love these... but can’t miss a diaper change.

      I’ve been using these for almost two years. Used them on my daughter until she was potty trained at 17 months; now I’m using them on my son who’s two months old. They fit a bit big at the beginning, but once both my kids reached 10lbs, they fit better. The cloth diapers are still in mint condition considering they’ve been washed every three days for almost two years. The only hard part to get used to that separates these from disposable diapers is you have to change your baby’s diaper every two hours or else you might get leakage.... unlike the “keeps them dry all night” disposable diapers. So we still use disposables, but only at night. on 22nd Nov 2018

    2. Super soft, but is a bit small

      I love these diapers! They’re so soft to the touch, both inside and out. Cute pattern too! My only complaint is that it fits a bit small. My son isn’t quite three months and he’s already too big for the smallest setting on the risers. I’m really hoping they’ll still fit him until he’s ready to potty train! on 14th Nov 2018

    3. First time

      First time using cloth diapers and so far I’m really pleased with lilhelpers , will definitely be buying more! on 28th Sep 2018

    4. Great product and amazing customer service!

      We are first time users of reusable diapers and very pleased with our lilhelper diapers! We will definitely get more of them and recommend them to everyone! Very easy to use and to clean. Great product! on 27th Sep 2018

    5. Love this Canadian Diaper !!

      We recently tried the charcoal diaper and LOVE it! It’s a great quality product that works really well on our babe, it’s super absorbent and we haven’t had any leaks. We’ve since bought 2 day packs from Costco and one direct from this site. Love that we can cloth diaper and support a Canadian company ! on 17th Sep 2018

    6. Great product friendly service

      I just got the trial diaper so far since i just had my first baby and was thinking of cloth diapering but didnt know which ones i liked. A friend let me try a couple of brands she had and i liked lil helper by far the best! I love that its a smaller buisness with friendly people. I had one time when wetness went through but that was when i just used the one small insert so i use both. Nothing leaks out the sides which happens to me with disposables so i will dwfinately be buying more! on 16th Sep 2018

    7. Great product friendly service

      I just got the trial diaper so far since i just had my first baby and was thinking of cloth diapering but didnt know which ones i liked. A friend let me try a couple of brands she had and i liked lil helper by far the best! I love that its a smaller buisness with friendly people. I had one time when wetness went through but that was when i just used the one small insert so i use both. Nothing leaks out the sides which happens to me with disposables so i will dwfinately be buying more! on 16th Sep 2018

    8. Great Canadian product

      Used the trial... then bought the disposable liners...and since bought a 6 pack of the diapers from problem so far... I am also currently trying Bum Genius diapers...but since lil helper is Canadian.. I want to stick with it.. also I find it is easier to use. on 13th Sep 2018

    9. Good product

      So far I like the diaper and inserts. Planning to purchase some more. on 4th Sep 2018

    10. Love em!!

      I ordered the Trial Diaper Deal just to get a feel for lil helper diapers...and they're great!! Bonus: they look super cute on baby bums. Looking forward to getting more! on 26th Aug 2018

    11. Love this product

      I bought the day pack and I am one satisfied customer. I was using other cloth diaper and once I started with lil helper I love the ease, design, comfort for baby and the absorbent charcoal inserts.
      Overall it's a wonderful product and highly recommend for any parent wanting to try cloth diaper.
      I even gave one sample to a friend who was curious about cloth diaper and now she has decided to order lil helper cloth diapers because of ease of its use and how well they are made. Thank you for this product.
      on 12th Aug 2018

    12. Longest No Leak Diaper yet!

      I have been trying to make the transition to cloth diapers and with my heavy wetter of a baby they haven't lasted longer than an hour. His first time in the LilHelper Diaper he went just over two hours! I am thrilled. It is also much trimmer than the other diapers I have, so even though he is just 6 weeks old they fit him well. on 9th Aug 2018

    13. New Favorite Diaper!

      I was lucky enough to find out about the trial discount for these amazing diapers and I have found my new favourite. They are easy to use, soft on my little one's bum, and last the longest without any leaks! Thank you LilHelper! on 7th Aug 2018

    14. Hit or miss? You decide!

      The pros:
      -Seems like good quality materials: super absorbent charcoal inserts, buttery soft fleece lining, stretchy PUL and sturdy snaps.
      -fast drying charcoal insert.
      -amazing customer service and support.
      -trial diaper to see if you like it at fraction of the normal cost.

      The cons:
      -you’re paying top dollar for a diaper made in China. I know, I know, they’re giving one diaper for every 3 sold to a kid in need. That’s the saving grace here. But I’d still rather they be made in Canada.
      -the snap layout: why are there 3 snap closures per side!? You could save a lot of sanity by only having 2 per side. That extra waist snap closure is redundant and makes for an annoying and awkward looking fit.
      -the fleece lining: it goes all the way around (so you can’t reuse covers between pee only changes) and there’s no tummy panel to stop wicking. It also looks like a pocket diaper but there’s no opening. Kinda silly if you ask me!

      All in all a seemingly great company with great customer relations and a good product... but they missed the mark in my opinion. A few tweaks and it would be an amazing diaper though!!!
      on 1st Aug 2018

    15. Soft and so great!

      This is great! How does anyone use disposable diapers when these lovelies exist? I love how absorbable it is, and how sort it is on my son's bum. I've already ordered more! on 26th Jul 2018

    16. Great quality

      I am blown away by the softness and quality of these diapers. Can’t wait to try them on our new baby in a couple of months! on 22nd Jul 2018

    17. Awesome diaper!

      I purchased a trial diaper to see how it worked compared to other brands I've tried. I was having a lot of leaks with others. Since trying Lil helpers we haven't had leaking issues anymore. Customer service is also amazing! They sent a hand written note with my order and when I contacted them with questions they were so quick to respond and super helpful! Can't wait to buy more. on 19th Jul 2018

    18. Impressive!!

      J’avais déjà toutes mes couches lavables, mais aucune ne parvenait à durer toute la nuit! Par chance, mon amie m’a parlée de Lil Helper et j’ai tout de suite adoré leur couche d’essai. Wow ! Tellement absorbant, et ce n’est que les inserts réguliers! Enfin, avec leurs inserts de nuit, je sens que je n’aurai plus de soucis pour les fuites et mon petit bébé sera confortable et au sec toute la nuit!
      Les couches sont belles, se mettent très facilement et sont minces, ce que j’adore!
      I’m in love with this canadian company for so many reasons! I’ve never seen such a good customers service and personal touch! Wow! They are so OMG funny! It’s refreshing! I feel like they are really honest and devoted. Their Baby Do Good program is also a major plus for me !! Bref! Ils sont tout simplement extraordinaires et je les recommande à tous!
      I’m glad a company like Lil Helper exists! Continue your amazing work!!
      on 17th Jul 2018

    19. Great product! No Issues

      We got the trial diaper. We have used the diaper about 5 times by now and have had no problems at all! They fit well and seem like they will fit for a while! We have had no leaks and they seem to wash up well too. The pattern is cute as well :) on 17th Jul 2018

    20. Very soft and cute!

      Ordered a trial diaper and am super impressed with the customer service already! I am still a couple months away from trying the diaper as we are due in September but am confident it will be awesome. The diaper looks cozy and soft and easy to use! Thank you for making it easy to pick a cloth diaper brand! on 16th Jul 2018

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