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Charcoal Cloth Diaper

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    The Mayo Clinic says that: “diaper rash is commonly linked to continuously wet or infrequently changed diapers, diarrhea, and using plastic pants to cover diapers.”

    To remedy a diaper rash, pediatricians recommend to air-out your child's bum and to keep it dry. Our charcoal fabric keeps your baby feeling complete even after a full night of use. This stay-dry ability makes Lil Helper's Charcoal Cloth Diaper ideal for use during a diaper rash and for preventing further breakouts. Most parents use it as a nap or night-time diaper.

    All of these issues surrounding irritant diaper dermatitis (IDD) or diaper rash can be prevented by using our Charcoal Cloth Diaper. Here's how:

    Keeps Your Baby Feeling Dry: The charcoal inserts can hold more than 180 ml of liquid and the great part is that your child still feels dry. Keeping your child’s skin dry is the best way to remedy diaper rashes-charcoal's wicking ability lets you do just that.

    Lets You Air-Out Your Baby: Most pediatricians suggest that it is best to let your baby go commando or without a diaper to remedy a diaper rash. Our Charcoal Cloth diaper is the next-best-thing to this.

    Eliminates the Need for Rash Creams: Rash prevention creams are supposed to create a water barrier to keep your baby’s skin dry. But before application, if your baby's skin is not thoroughly dry, you could worsen the rash by trapping moisture on your child’s bum. You do not need any rash cream while using our charcoal cloth diapers. Our materials will keep your baby dry and well ventilated without subjecting your child's delicate skin to additional chemicals.


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    1. Love it!!

      I took a chance and ordered a bunch of these before my baby was born, which I’m told is a big no-no. But I’m so glad I did because these diapers are amazing!!
      1) my baby pees like a toddler (hello huge bladder) and even when it feels like her diaper weighs 5lb it doesn’t leak!
      2) they are so easy to use and high quality.
      3) love the charcoal inserts. I have both and I could do without the bamboo. Charcoal is just so perfectly soft and dry!
      4) I am so happy to know that my baby’s diapers were made responsibly and ethically, and that I can support a good Canadian company.
      5) they gave me chocolate in my package
      on 15th May 2018

    2. Excellent product

      The charcoal diaper is fantastic. I have a few different brands, but really like this one because of it's amazing absorbency and because the cover is so soft on the inside and doesn't leave big marks around my baby's legs, belly or back. My baby seems very comfortable in them. They work great as an overnight option. on 7th May 2018

    3. Amazing

      Awesome product! The fit is perfect! They are my favorite cloth diapers and I recommend them! on 17th Apr 2018

    4. Awesome!

      Amazing product!! I just bought these for my 3rd child, really wish I would of looked into cloth diapers before. They fit great and the quality is awesome. Definitely recommend them! on 16th Mar 2018

    5. Incredibly absorbent!

      Making the decision to transition to cloth was much easier when I received my LilHelper cloth diaper! The charcoal liners are perfect for night time. No stains or leaks! on 13th Mar 2018

    6. Fantastic product

      Friends and family had a poll on how long I would last with clothe diapers. We’ve used them from 3 weeks on ( son is 11 months). We’ve paired these with Rocky Mountain Soap Conpanies Butt Butter and our son hasn’t had diaper rash with the pairing. We struggled with some leaks at night but now use the nighttime insert and it’s amazing too. When we were struggling we used pampers and huggies nighttime and he’d sometimes have a rash in the morning as they would leak the gel through (and they smell like urine/babypowder). It made my heart hurt.
      I 100% recommend clothe. I am not the type to use this kind of product. Clean up is easy, they smell better then a wet disposal, keep your babies skin great and are fun.
      on 22nd Feb 2018

    7. Review

      These diapers work well, our son is a heavy wetter so they unfortunately tend to leak. on 19th Feb 2018


      We love our Lil’Helper diapers! They are so soft, easy to use, fast drying, and come in many beautiful colours and prints. Their new higher rise is wonderful. The older style still fits very nicely but these new rises will ensure that my little guy will be in Lil’Helpers for his whole cloth diapering adventure. Their customer service is second to none. They are so helpful and kind and I love the family feel of this company. No matter who you are they treat you like family (in a good way haha not like that aunt who always pinches your cheeks or that uncle who always says “pull my finger” lol). on 2nd Feb 2018

    9. No more diaper rash and easy to use!

      I tried these cloth diapers when my little one was 3 months old. I was skeptical about it and worried that since my LO is on the tiny side that it would leak. There were a few leaks at first only because I hadn't put the diaper snaps on the right size for her but once I figured it out it worked great! No more diaper rashes which was the main reason for switching to cloth and they fit great and look super cute. Cleaning up poop isn't the greatest thing but honestly it doesn't take long and you can get disposable liners for them anyways. Best thing is that my husband actually likes using them since there's no more diaper rashes and it's much better economically and environmentally. Highly recommend to everyone and if your skeptical start with a lil helper trial cloth diaper. I also recommend getting a wet zip bag for when your out and about and as soon as you get home pre soak them in a container with vinegar as it neutralizes the scent. on 5th Jan 2018

    10. Best poop catcher ever!

      I love these cloth diapers. I have no complaints and enjoy everything from the patterns to the ease of use. Also no more blow outs is a big win. I should also that their customer service is a bonus to these diapers as I know if I ever have a problem they’ve got my back! on 13th Dec 2017

    11. The best.

      My fave diapers, hands down. The new sizing is perfect for my tall babe. They are awesome even for long naps and overnight. So easy to use and Lil helpers customer service is second to none. on 12th Dec 2017

    12. Amazing Diapers

      Most definitely worth the price. Solved my daughter's rash issues almost instantly. I love the cute designs and functionality of the diaper. And the customer service is phenomenal. I definitely recommend these diapers. on 25th Nov 2017

    13. Lil Helper is awesome to loyal customers!

      I love the new 1" longer diaper. Fits my 7month old perfectly!
      I also feel really good about supporting a company that is philanthropic and REALLY good to their return customers. Thank you Lil Helper for all the extra special touches. It is very much appreciated!
      on 12th Nov 2017

    14. Makes life simple

      This diaper is simple and straight forward to use. I love these diapers! I was having some problems with leaks, but I watched lil Helper's video on troubleshooting leaky diapers and figured out it was the way I was putting the diaper on my daughter. Watch the video... its helpful and you might learn something! Thanks lil helper!! on 12th Nov 2017

    15. longer cover = massive improvement!

      I just bought my 10th and FAVOURITE Lil Helper cloth diaper!

      The extra 1" of length on the cover made all the difference for my heavier-than-average 22-month-old and his chunky upper thighs. :)

      We were afraid we would have to set aside the Lil Helps once our guy hit 30 lbs, but he NOW fits very comfortably into this new design - I wish they had always been designed this way!
      on 3rd Nov 2017

    16. LOVE IT!!

      These are such high quality and well made diapers. My kids love them and always do a little ooo soft gig! Thanks lilhelper! on 2nd Nov 2017

    17. New design

      We liked our Lil Helper diapers before, but with the new design we LOVE them!! The fit is amazing and they hold an insane amount of pee. Definitely a great overnight solution for us, or a perfevt choice for when we are out and about. We never have to worry about leaks! on 2nd Nov 2017

    18. Most reached for diaper in my stash!

      I have always loved these diapers. These are the only diapers I've never had issues with. The PUL is soft yet pretty much bullet proof. The liners are extreamly effective at keeping a stay dry effect, and they have the most options out of any diaper out there. You will also not find better customer service on this planet! The new design is also a bit roomier, which we are loving. Lastly, these diapers hold thier resale value/ will last through multiple children if you need them to. Best cloth diapers out there. on 28th Oct 2017

    19. Love!

      I currently recieved one of the new high rise diapers and it is so much love! It is amazing the fit difference on my baby vs the old rise! She will definitely be wearing these ones for a lot longer! ❤ on 13th Oct 2017

    20. Amazing! Love the new high rise!

      Lil helper diapers were amazing before but the higher rise makes them even better! Now little ones can wear the diapers for longer and you don't have to worry about butt cracks. The diapers are very absorbent and come in lots of cute colours and prints. I love this diapers and recommend them to everyone. Best diaper out there! on 13th Oct 2017

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