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Breast Pads - 2 Pairs

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    Breast Pads

    So, I’m going to tell you something that may shock you. Are you ready?

    Occasionally, my husband says things that are really silly.

    Okay, maybe that isn’t that shocking. But what is shocking is just HOW silly some of the things that he says can be.

    Let me give you an example.

    Recently, while I was feeding our little one, he hit me with this:

    Now, I will admit, at first I didn’t see this for the ridiculous statement that it was. In fact, I was a little bit inclined to agree with him.

    I am not proud of it but there have been a few nights while breastfeeding, I would start glaring  at my blissfully sleeping husband and his stupid, useless nipples. All this would happen when the clock read some ungodly time that no human should ever be conscious for. Ever.

    Cuz, let’s face it, breastfeeding is HARD. WORK.

    Despite this, however, I came to my senses and realized how boneheaded what my husband had suggested really was.

    I know that my husband was trying to be supportive with his statement. At least I hope he was.

    It is not lost on him how draining AND rewarding breastfeeding is. I know that he is only looking for ways to take some of the load off and bond with our baby.

    But breastfeeding is a freaking super power that belongs firmly in the hands of mommas alone.

    Men, we love you, but you have lots of other superpowers. You can pee, anywhere you want, while standing up. Enough said.

    Mommas have the power of creating life, though, so it only makes sense that we also have the power to sustain that itty bitty life.


    And what a power it is.

    The things that breast milk can and does do for your baby are nothing short of magical, miraculous, witchcraft.

    Like, seriously. It changes based on your babies needs. It can keep them from getting sick. It can heal infections.

    Straight. Up. Magic.


    But like most magic, breastfeeding comes at a price. And most of the time that price is making Momma feel like she’s lost her mojo.

    Between late night feedings, breast pumps, and sore/cracked/dry nips, breasfeeding can make even the most dedicated mom feel less like this:

    And more like this:

    Not to mention the leaking.

    I’m not sure why women were designed so that their liquid gold would gush forth every time someone looks at them the wrong way, or a baby thinkings about crying within a 150 km radius.

    Heaven forbid your baby looks at you or radiates that new baby smell…   

    Fortunately, Lil Helper has cooked up an awesome product to help you rock your superpower, without feeling like Niagra Falls.

    Constructed to be luxurious, functional, and oh-so-comfy, our new Breast Pads will help you tame your terrific tatas, cuz Supermom ain’t got time for no leaks.


    2 Pairs: Each pack contains 2 pairs of pads. That works out to 4 in total, for those of you who feel like your little one must be sucking out brain cells along with that magical milk at each feeding. I feel you. I counted on my fingers twice to make sure I got these numbers right.


    3 Compact Layers: Each pad is made from three action packed layers. Waterproof PUL (to keep your shirts, sheets, significant other protected from your “fountains of youth”) + Absorbent Bamboo Terry (to suck in and hold all the leaky goodness) + Wicking Bamboo Bamboo Poly Mesh (to keep you feeling fresh and dry as a daisy on a summer’s day).


    Low Profile: There may be a lot going on in those layers, but we have worked to keep them slim and lo-pro. Each pad conforms to your breasts and is invisible from the outside. Because visible seams or weird points are so last season.


    Non-Stick: There are a lot of things in life that can add up to unpleasant things. Blueberries + baby’s digestive system= super gross blue poop, for example. One that breastfeeding mamas are all to aware of is moisture + warmth= a sticky mess. A lot of breast pads are a particularly bad at leading to this sticky situation, which is no fun for you or your nips. With Lil Helper breast pads you don’t need to worry. We’ve created a stay dry combination, which means that your baby will be the only sticky nightmare you need to worry about dealing with.


    Soft Construction: So much of the thought behind this design went into making you (and “the twins”) feel as cozy and pampered as possible. The wicking bamboo mesh is gentle to the skin and leaves you feeling dry.


    Durable: Constructed like a truck, soft as a feather. We know you don’t have time for crappy products that aren’t going to stand the test of time, so we made these babies to last. Like survive the apocalypse last. For real. All that will be left is cockroaches, Cher, and these breast pads.


    As moms we do anything and everything to give our kids the best and most amazing start in life. Even when it is hard or means making sacrifices.

    Because that is what superheroes do. They sacrifice themselves for the greater good.

    Fortunately you don’t need to sacrifice your comfort or your favourite blouse, because Lil Helper Breast Pads have you (and your lady lumps) covered.


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    1. Best breast pads ever!

      I love these breast pads! They NEVER stick to my nipples and are some of the most absorbent and discreet breast pads I’ve found. on 2nd Jun 2019

    2. Comfortable and absorbent!

      I never thought I'd find a breast pad that wouldn't show through my shirt and still absorb for a full day (I have a high milk flow) but not only do these do that, they are also super comfortable! These are amazing!! on 5th Mar 2019

    3. Love these!!

      Love these!! I am currently nursing my 3rd baby! After trying many brands of reusable breast pads I eventually gave up and bought disposable. Nothing could keep up with my oversupply and strong let down. I won a few of these breast pads in a giveaway and fell in love!! I ordered more right away. These are amazing!! They hold so much liquid, absorb so quickly. They are discrete, soft, and stay so dry against the skin. This is all I use now! I would highly recommend!! on 16th Jan 2019

    4. Amazing!

      I’ve tried a few different reuseable breast pads and these are by far the best! The contour helps them stay in place and I love how thin they are, yet absorbant at the same time! They are also soft and not irritating to the skin. Highly recommend them! on 18th Dec 2018

    5. Comfy & discreet!

      I used these pads while transitioning to weaning my daughter and they are awesome! They stay dry, are absorbent, and don't feel too warm in this hot weather! They're comfortable, and conform perfectly, and wash well - a lifesaver for the breastfeeding momma. And so much more affordable than buying disposables! on 7th Aug 2018

    6. These breast pads are the best!

      I have used breast pads off and on for the past 4 years with two kids. I've had disposables (which are awful!!!), and reusable bamboo, name brands, cheap ones I've found online and finally lil helper ones.
      I love the fact that these don't stick, don't smell, and don't show through my shirts. I've worn nursing bras and t-shirts and hate leaks and breast pad outlines and since lil helper, I've has neither.
      Had I not watched the lil helper video, I think I would have worn these backwards. The dark side in allows for no colour to sleep through.
      I'm excited as I've just shared one pair with a friend with a new baby. I can't wait to hear if she loves then as much as I do!
      on 6th Aug 2018

    7. The. BEST. Breastpads!

      I was so excited when Lil Helper announced breastpads! I’ve been exclusively using their diapers for 2.5 years and 2 kids now and they are amazing. I knew the breastpads would be great and they didn’t disappoint! They are lightweight, don’t show through and so breathable! You don’t get that soggy gross milk saturated feeling you get with bamboo (or maybe that’s just me). I love these breastpads I just worked out in high humidity and they still felt dry after! I have yet to have a leak show through. on 27th Jun 2018

    8. Perfect!

      These breast pads are perfect. They are thin, stay put and more importantly don’t show. on 26th Jun 2018

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