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Breast Pad Deal - 8 Pairs!

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    Here’s the deal; leaking happens. It’s an unfortunate reality of expectant and breastfeeding mothers, and it can be downright annoying.


    One minute, you’re minding your own business folding some laundry, and the next your nipples have betrayed you and are leaking through all of the layers you’re wearing. We have all been there. 


    Lucky for us, these little circles of magic were created by Lil Helper to help keep you comfortable through all of life’s leaky moments, and now they're being offered in a fantastic STEAL OF A DEAL bundle pack!

    Get 4 packs of our Breast Pads (that's 16 in total) AND a small cloth bag, all for the incredible price of 39.95$CAD. WOWZERS!


    These revolutionary Breast Pads incorporate the same technology as the new Boosters, with a stay-dry layer, absorbent bamboo terry layer AND a waterproof PUL layer. Stick all of that together and you have the best breast pads that you will ever use! 
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    1. Amazing

      I’ve bought other kinds, but these ones you don’t even notice you’re wearing them and they’re so absorbent! Will never buy another kind again! on 26th Mar 2020

    2. Love these!

      Very soft, comfortable and not bulky at all. Very absorbant and best of all no garbage! A great investment and much cheaper than buying disposables in the long run. Seriously loving the no garbage! on 30th Jan 2019

    3. Great product!

      I've had these for 3 months now. Not bulky at all (like some of the disposables I've tried), and very very soft and comfortable!
      Absorbs great too, haven't had any issues there!
      on 21st Jan 2019

    4. Leaking like crazy

      These are super comfortable but maybe I just produce way too much milk because it was leaking out the bottom side of the pads almost constantly. I even changed the pads a couple times today and still leaked out the bottom. The PUL fabric works and doesn’t leak but the milk comes out the sides and I constantly feel wet. I also found the bag it came with is too big for the pads, they just float around inside. A smaller bag would have been better I think. Pros-they don’t show through my shirts. on 10th Jan 2019

    5. Extremely Comfortable

      I must admit that I was a bit skeptical at first of these and worried about lines showing through my clothes and concerned about leaks however I have been pleasantly surprised at how discrete and well made these are! They can hold alot and you feel dry while having them on. The first time I wore these was shortly after my baby was born and they helped with engorgement leaks and were alot more soft and comfortable then disposable pads on 4th Dec 2018

    6. Perfect pads

      Bought these so I didn't have to use disposable breast pads. So far they have been great. They feels very soft and comfortable to wear. I love how it has a contured design that it won't show underneath my clothes. I don't leak that often so I can't talk much on how much it holds but so far it's held up. on 26th Nov 2018

    7. If you are considering getting them- do it!

      Can I just say how much I LOVE ❤️ the new breast pads?!
      I have cotton ones that I thought I loved, but I started leaking through with letdown and at night. I was a little worried because the Lil Helper ones have only one layer for absorbing. I thought if needed I can use them behind my cotton ones so the PUL will stop the leak through.
      Well let me tell you!!! I can wear these all day or all night and they don’t even feel wet!!!! If you squish them, you can tell, but generally they feel dry! So much so, my only problem is remembering to change them!!!
      If you are considering getting them- do it!!
      on 21st Oct 2018

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