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    So, can we talk for a minute about parenting books, magazines, blogs, and websites?

    As a new parent, who lived each day in awe and fear of the adorable but fragile little person who had entered my life, these sources of knowledge seemed like a gift from above.

    A lifeline to valuable information that I needed to keep my beautiful baby safe from the perils of the world and my own ignorance.

    Even before my baby was born, I devoured every piece of information I could find in order to try and prepare myself for bringing a tiny human into my home and life.

    One thing that all of these sources of information seem to have in common is some version of the “baby essentials” list.

    Being a busy, modern parent, these things drew me in like a moth to a flame. They promised to be a Cliff Notes version of all the things I needed to keep my baby alive and my sanity mostly intact.  

    I became a baby list junkie. Constantly on the search for these things. Trying desperately to create and complete a checklist that would make the insane task of childrearing seem more manageable.

    Now, I am by no means a veteran parent, but being on the other side of things, I am here to tell you that these lists are not all you may hope them to be.

    These lists will tell you horrible lies. Things like, “I need a ‘baby food’ blender, even though I have a perfectly functional blender in my cupboard.”

    And before you know it, you will become a victim of the lists.

    You will end up looking around at a mountain of these “essential” baby products, that have taken over your house, and wondering where it all went wrong.

    Now, here at Lil Helper, our very mission in life is to help parents, whether they be sleep-deprived newbies or grizzled (and sleep-deprived) veterans.

    So we are here to tell you that getting ready for baby is not nearly as complicated as these publications and their “helpful” lists and articles makes it out to be.

    Essentially you and your baby will NEED only three basic things to make it through, despite what the registry lady at your local baby store may try to convince you.

    1) Food

    Children are ravenous little hyenas, who’s ability to pack away food will awe and astound you. Whether they are newborns guzzling breast milk or toddlers eating their weight in Cheerios, you will need to have some way to keep your hungry little hippo satisfied.

    (Ps. If your baby’s drink of choice comes straight from the tata-tap, check out our breast pads here. Your ladies will thank you, we swear.)

    2) A Safe Place to Sleep

    It is one of life’s great ironies that a little creature who sleeps so much can ruin YOUR sleep so profoundly. I know it may not feel like it to you, as you guzzle your third coffee of the morning and put toothpicks in your eyelids, but babies actually do a lot of sleeping. So you will need a spot for them to get some peaceful shut-eye.

    3) Poop/Pee Catchers

    I think it was Sir Isaac Newton who once said, “What goes in, must come out.” Okay, I may have misquoted that but the statement holds true nonetheless.

    Remember all that food we talked about in number one? Remember how we said the volume of it would astound you? Well, one of the joys of parenting is that you get to deal with that volume on both the input and output ends. And if you thought it seemed like a lot going in….

    So the third ACTUAL essential to add to your list are diapers that you trust to keep your little one (and all of your earthly belongings) dry.

    Luckily, Lil Helper has got you more than covered on this one. Not only do we have amazing  charcoal cloth diapers to hold back the tide of terror that your adorable little angel is capable of producing, we’ve also introduced some amazing new boosters that should be added to every parent’s list of ‘things they cannot live without’.

    Here’s why:


    ALL THE ABSORBENCY!!!: There is no worse word in the English language than the word “leak”. No good can come from a leak. Leak implies that you trusted something to do a job and it did not stand up to the pressure (or moisture). So lose the leaks. Add our boosters to your Lil Helper or any other cloth for extra absorbency. Even if you aren’t using cloth, these can be added to a disposable diaper for extra leak protection,


    4 layers: Absorbent,Soft Bamboo Terry (soft and safe for baby’s bum) + 2 Layers of hidden microfiber (to soak up ALL the moisture) + wicking bamboo-poly mesh (keeps baby feeling dry and sprays clean sooo easily). This awesome combo means that they are not only absorbent, but that they can be used many ways. Use stay-dry-side-up for babies who are sensitive to moisture. Flip it over for toddlers who are training, for added accident protection and so that they can feel they are wet.


    Multiple Uses: Not only can you use our boosters for babies of all ages, and diapers of all descriptions, they can also be used for you! Mommas know that babies aren’t the only ones who do some leaking after they arrive. Our boosters, therefore, can also be used as a postpartum menstrual pad.


    2 in a pack: There’s nothing like getting more bang for your buck, so we have doubled the fun by giving you not one, but two boosters in each pack.


    So, there you have it. A list of real essentials for baby that keeps it simple for you, keeps your baby happy, and keeps your sanity and closet space intact.

    Now check that off your list and put your feet up.


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    1. Perfect for overnight!

      My babe was leaking a bit during her 12 hour night sleep with just the overnight insert. Threw a booster on top and voila! No more leaks!! on 14th Feb 2020

    2. Great Product!

      I love the Lil Helper Boosters!! We started using Lil Helper cloth diapers almost right away with my daughter. We found that using two inserts (small and large) to be too bulky for her small size so we decided to try the boosters out as we needed the absorbency. We have had great results using the small insert and the booster this gives us amazing absorbency with less bulk. I would highly recommend this product to anyone looking for more absorbency with less bulk. These work great when paired with a large bamboo insert for overnight or a longer car ride. Thanks Lil Helper for creating such an amazing product!! on 10th Feb 2020

    3. And now our little one can sleep through the night!

      We love our lil helper diapers, but as our baby got older, her little sprinkles turned into geysers and it seemed like nothing could keep up with her over night, not any combination of lip helper inserts, not any disposables we were trying. Enter these boosters, purchased in a bleary eyed last ditch effort to keep our baby girl dry long enough to get the shut eye she (and we) desperately needed. And boom! I don’t know why these work better than the overnight liners but wow they are absorbent and seem to lie more flat against the baby giving less opportunity for our baby’s gallon/second wees to actually soak into the bamboo liner underneath. Thanks again lil helpers, you and your products rock! on 6th Jan 2020

    4. Game changers for surviving my heavy, heavy wetter

      Love, love, love these! My son is well-hydrated and so are his diapers! The boosters make sure his pants, car seat and the laps of his many cuddlers don't have to share in the hydration. on 24th Sep 2019

    5. Get longer wear out of cloth

      I just added these boosters to my cloth routine a couple of weeks ago and I love them! We live in a rural area so a trip to town for errands takes me about three hours round trip. I used to use disposables for going out, but a friend inspired me to try to abandon disposables altogether. I now add a booster to the diaper for these types of trips and can make it back home without a change. It's nice to avoid those small public washroom change tables when I can!

      I actually wonder why Lilhelper doesn't make their regular liners the same way the boosters are constructed. I'm sure there's a practical reason, but these boosters seem so much more absorbent than the charcoal liners, and they still wick the moisture away really well.
      on 10th Sep 2019

    6. Great Product

      With a smaller baby the booster with a large bamboo liner was a little too bulky. We switched to using just the booster and it worked wonderfully! My little one is able to sleep 3-4 hours with the booster. on 17th Aug 2019

    7. Amazing products and customer service!

      We bought this as a trial as we had heard from others that they really help with heavy wetting and helping babe feel dry. Well, those that said so we're beyond correct! We usually use our overnight inserts overnight and we love, love, love them. However, the other night, after a washer mishap, none of them were clean and ready for bedtime! We used a booster and a bamboo set of inserts and wow! No leaks, no issues overnight. I can't wait to try them out for long car rides as well! What a superior product and superior company! on 24th Jul 2019

    8. Heavy wetter saviors

      When my son pees he's a fire hydrant. So the charcoal inserts just weren't able to cope well against that but the boosters are absolute game changers like everyone elses reviews state. No lie. They're amazing! Before I got them I had to throw the whole diaper in the wash every single time he peed but now I can actually reuse the shell and sometimes the booster holds everything that all I have to do is throw the booster in the pail. All hail Lil Helper boosters! on 19th Jul 2019

    9. Can be used alone as an insert

      My baby is only 13 lb so we haven’t used these as boosters much. Mostly, we can use them as a single layer insert to create a less bulky diaper. Miraculously, the booster alone can hold for 3 hours on a little baby. I love that the stay-dry liner is sewn in so it doesn’t shift. on 11th Jul 2019

    10. Best Naptime solution

      Love these boosters! We use them for her naps at daycare as the time frame between changes there is about 3.5 hours. Before the boosters we were having to send an extra pair of pants per day as she was leaking through. After boosters, problem solved!!!! on 14th Jun 2019

    11. Game changer!

      Our daughter is a heavy wetter and we tried a variety of combinations at night between the charcoal and bamboo liners and even had 3 liners and 2 wipes and we were still dealing with leaks in the middle of the night.
      We decided to order these and see how things changed and she no longer leaks at night! We will be ordering more!
      on 26th Apr 2019

    12. Nice trim booster!

      Have been using the boosters as my daughter was starting to leak through the charcoal inserts especially at night. The stay dry liner is awesome - will be purchasing more of those on their own - the bamboo holds more than the charcoal liners with less compression leaks! We spend a significant amount of time in the vehicle and the booster has helped with our compression leaks. Would love to see an insert with a material less prone to compression leaks either more bamboo layers and less microfibre or microfibre and some hemp! on 15th Apr 2019

    13. YES, YES and YES.

      If you are on the fence, like I was, the answer is YES. These have transformed leaky car rides and those long and glorious naps. They have even give us the confidence to try overnight cloth! I bought a pack just to test them, and we loved them so much I'm placing more in my next order. on 2nd Apr 2019

    14. Where have been all my cloth diapering life?!?

      The first day I tried these, they changed my life! I had been stacking extra liners (both of them!) on top of the liners in the diapers because my son is a heavy wetter (but well hydrated!). As cliche as it may sound to say my mind was blown ... there were explosions in my brain! I don't know why I hadn't done this sooner, and know more are in my near, near future! These are awesome and a life-changer! on 28th Mar 2019

    15. Boosters

      I was so nervous to cloth diaper at night but really wanted to give it a go. These boosters have made overnight diapering a success! I use a large bamboo, small bamboo and booster and are completely leak free! I definitely remcommend the boosters! on 1st Mar 2019

    16. Favorite Product!

      These are actual lifesavers!! We use them for overnight because we were leaking no matter what we did. I like a large bamboo insert, this booster and a small charcoal on top. Fantastic Combo! on 28th Feb 2019

    17. Love these boosters!!

      I bought these boosters for my daughters overnight diapers. I lay them on top of her over night inserts and we have had Jon leaks since. I also use them for my 2.5 year olds night time diapers. on 20th Feb 2019

    18. a good boost!

      we bought a set of these for those, just in case moments. They work well. the extra absorbency is really helpful! on 16th Feb 2019

    19. Good Quality, but not necessary

      Our baby is a stomach sleeper. We have struggled to keep him from leaking in the front at night. We've had some success with placing two large and one small inserts in her diaper cover. We were hoping the boosters would do a better job however they aren't any better than just an extra insert. In our case, it was money we didn't need to spend but you don't know if you don't try. His skin is no less moist either. The boosters are well constructed, as expected. Great customer service as usual. They wash and dry as well as any insert. on 6th Feb 2019

    20. Gets us through the night!

      Worth every penny. I love these! Only thing that helped keep our baby dry overnight! on 12th Jan 2019

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