When should you start using cloth diapers on your baby?

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Welcome to another edition of Poopular Questions from the Lil Helper Customer Delight Desk!

I’ve been told I write too much and too long (it’s Tracey today as your hostess. And anyone who sees me on FB or has talked to me on the phone knows I love to chat) so I’ve been told to write an introductory #TLDR blurb first:

Q: When should one start using cloth?

A: ASAP. Here’s a video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pR1FI3mP-h4

Ok, that’s done. Onto the uncondensed version.

Recently, we tackled the “how often should I change” question. This week?

WHEN should I start using cloth diapers on my baby?

Well, we like to think the question is:

WHEN should I start using Lil Helper Cloth Diapers (specifically), but let’s just say,

WHEN should I start with cloth?

One of the things we see often is people NOT starting with cloth from Day 1. Ok, we get the (ew) meconium thing. That’s a diaper-killer for sure. Fine. Maybe get past the meconium day(s) or use the charcoal inserts and then staining’s not so much of an issue.

Meconium. Yucky. Let your partner do those changes. If you have an intrusive relative wanting to visit and “help out,” here’s your chance: they will either do the meconium change or they will magically realize they left the stove on and leave in a hurry.

Either way, you win.

Newborn S.J. at just over 7 lbs (3.3 kg)

Newborn S.J. at just over 7 lbs (3.3 kg)

After the meconium, it’s a tough question because what we often hear is that someone’s baby is too small or too slender, or both. While in some cases that may be true, for the most part if your baby is about 7 lbs (or 3.2kg), you should be “good to go.”

Yes, we have a lot of poop puns here at Lil Helper. Sorry. Occupational hazard.

We Don’t Judge

First, we want to clarify: we don’t judge. Worn out from birth? Having some colicky woes so laundry is the furthest thing from your mind? We’ve all been there. Be nice to yourself (and drag in your spouse, partner, friends, family, relatives, that neighbour who always offers to do things but never follows through? We just KNOW they want to wash your dipes. Tell them the dipes HAVE to be hand-washed then sit back and watch the fun, cheaper than Netflix.)

Seriously, we don’t judge. If ya gotta go ‘sposie, don’t stress yourself about it. But if what’s holding you back IS size, then dive right in!

Get Your Dipes ‘n’ Wipes Ready!

Ideally, do a fluff shop before your baby is born so that the baby is ready to slip (wriggle) into them when ready. That advice was for the four of you who haven’t already bought stacks of lovely fluff.

For those starting the journey early (during the creepy-for-some umbilical stage), we have a blog here about getting that right fit for the newborn. This same fit can be used for your wee’un for the first few months.

Skinny Legs?

If your inserts are absorbing and you keep to a quick-change routine, this shouldn’t be a problem. But do bear in mind,your baby is going to need a change upwards of 12 times in 24 hours. Sometimes you’ll have three pee dipes in an hour, sometimes you’ll get a couple hours rest (pretend to sleep so your neighbours and friends can do your laundry… then let us know how you managed to get them to do you laundry because we really want to know for ourselves).

Slender tummy?

The newborn fit is pretty snug. And despite popular mythology, a super-tight dipe does not mean no leaks. A tight fit can still leak. Some call them “compression leaks.” The fact is, once that diaper is full, the moisture (and whatever else your baby’s shared with you) has got to go somewhere. It will go out the legs, tummy, and back. That’s all there is to it.

One or Two Inserts?

That’s up to you. Are you concerned your baby will be “bulky” with two inserts? Then go with the smaller insert (and watch for that need to change). Some babies are happy with both inserts. Yes, your baby may have a bit of bowling-ball-bum, but it’s a fluffy bum that’s cozy and happy in cloth.


Note the fabulous bruising on my hand, from my IV. :)

Here’s one of my little guys in one of the first diapers we ever made. Ever. We still hadn’t finished the design yet… he’s wearing a prototype when he was five days old. We were stamping our logo, then, and still trying to figure out snaps and inserts. Because we only had so much of each item, I randomly stuffed with whatever I had left over from the other kids (by the way, in a pinch? IKEA tea towels, just sayin’).

New to Diapering (in General) and Grossed-Out by Poop?

Who likes poop? No one. New to poop? Skeeved out by the possibility of even coming CLOSE to touching poop? We get it. We have a product just for you: the Bamboo Stay Dry Liners (you place them atop your inserts).

We thought a film about them would be fun so here it is starring one of the First Families of Lil Helper-The Gandhi’s (they told me to say that) #notreally.

Did I mention we like to make videos? Here’s another for fitting your newborn.

Seriously, put those sposies away. We have a fit for most newborns. We like to think we are …..

A lil more accommodating.


Need help with sizing? How many inserts? Snaps? Charcoal vs Bamboo? Give us a call (1-877-2-877-930) or email our Customer Delight service (even if you’re not a customer) and let us know how we can help you. Just remember: the hard part is over.

But don’t let them know that. Let them do your laundry first. 

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