How Do I Adjust a Cloth Diaper on my Newborn?

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Here’s an idea you’ll snap right up!

By Sharon Shakespeare of  Diaper-eez.

Every once in a while in life you come across someone who changes your whole world for the better. That person is me. I have discovered how to make a regular one size diaper also fit a newborn and allow some air to that brand new belly button.

I came up with this idea all by myself one day while snapping a Lil Helper diaper on a fake baby for the 1000th time.

Alright so I may not have come up with it completely on my own, but I discovered how to make it work amazingly well on a Lil Helper.

You need a one-size diaper with snap closures. 

Lil Helper works perfectly because of their side snaps.

  • Use only the small insert.
  • Leave the front of the insert unsnapped and just snap the back.
  • Snap the diaper to the middle setting using the 3 rows of snaps 

on the front.

  • Fold the front flap of the diaper down just above the bottom 

row of snaps. 

  • Holding the sides of the diaper, snap the side snaps into the

first and last bottom row snaps. 

  • Take the right side of the diaper (female snaps) and snap 

into the middle (ignore the inner snap above). Then take the 

other side of the diaper and snap it onto the right side of the 

cover into the female snap. 

See!? Wasn't that a snap? Alright, snap out of it and snap to it!

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