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Biggie Bib

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    1. This BIB is seriously the best, in a BIGGIE way! hehehe

      I love having the pul fabric on the one side. It makes for easy clean up, just a quick wipe and I can use the bib again for another meal. And the pouch! Well, let me tell you, the pouch is magical. It catches so much of my little ones misses. Saves me from picking up all the food that would normally get all over the floor. These are the only bibs I use now. I use to use a plastic bib with a pouch but my little one did not like it and was uncomfortable in it. But this bib is soft and my little seems to have no complaints! A must have! I will be getting one of these for all of my friends and family in the future once they start having babies. on 17th Sep 2018

    2. Biggie Bib

      Really great bib, I ordered one to see what all the hype was about and had to order a second one. Great bib, fits well, folds really well, super easy to take along - which is what we use if for most. And I love that it’s a catch all bib! on 13th Sep 2018

    3. Super Saliva Soaker-Upper

      My son is a drooler. 10x droopier than my daughter ever was! I love that this bib absorbs on the one side and keeps him dry on the other.

      on 7th Sep 2018

    4. Great coverage!

      I really appreciate how big these bibs are. When I first bought bibs, I would get the cute little ones and now I realize how much coverage is actually needed! The soft side on the back is really great for wiping little faces. The only drawback is I feel they stain very easily, but it is a bib and the whole point is that the bib gets dirty instead of the clothing! on 10th Jul 2018

    5. Perfect!

      Love this bib! Before for drinking milk and eating food. Easy to clean! on 25th Jun 2018

    6. Neat features!!!

      Ok, I ordered two of these bibs to test them out and I was wrong! I should have ordered more. I think they have the neatest features. For starters, the have snaps at the neck in different settings. The first thing any baby tries to do with a bib is yank it off and with snaps that is much harder to do. Also it is nice and long and even fits my older children. You can even snap a little pouch at the bottom which my daughter likes to carry her snacks around in. I want more of these for sure! on 9th Jun 2018

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