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Bamboo Stay Dry Liners

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    The joy you get from using cloth diapers and saving thousands of dollars is slightly lessened when you have to scrub poop off a cloth insert before throwing it in the washer.

    Thank goodness you have the services of 2 unemployable aerospace engineers who readily spend time trying to solve your poop related quandaries.

    With our amazing Bamboo Stay-Dry Liners cleaning poop will actually become enjoyable. I understand the gravity of that statement- cleaning poop and enjoyable haven’t been used in the same sentence before in recorded human history, but allow me to justify it:

    Bamboo Goodness: Our re-usable nappy liners are made of 50% Bamboo Viscose and 50% Wicking Polyester Mesh.
    Natural: The soft bamboo absorbs liquid readily and is soft against the baby’s delicate skin. Bamboo is also naturally deodorizing, anti-bacterial and hypoallergenic.
    What the Wick?: The wicking polyester mesh diffuses moisture in the cloth diaper below and wicks the wetness away.
    Increase Absorbency: You increase the overall absorbency of your cloth diaper when you use our bamboo liners as the moisture is spread-out over a larger area making it easier for the fabric to absorb.
    Reduce Leaking: More absorption; less leakage.
    Just the Right Size: Each bamboo liner measures 12 in x 5 in (30 cm x 13 cm) and will fit in any cloth diaper.
    Lightweight: Unlike fleece liners that add bulk to a diaper, our liners are lightweight and won’t weigh down a diaper.
    Travels in Packs: Our bamboo nappy liners come 5 in a pack and each liner is a different color.



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    1. Really wanted to love these....

      I was so excited when I read about the bamboo stay dry liners after using disposable liners for 2 years with my little guy. I really wanted to love these - but find that the liners really don't stay in place for my toddler (2.5 years), also the dark colours make it hard to check to see if there is a poop in his diaper at times. I find that the mushy messy poops do not slide off the liners.

      I will see how they work for my youngest who is just starting solids now.
      on 8th Jun 2017

    2. Fine quality, prefer disposible

      Nothing wrong with product quality. I simple prefer to use a disposable liner. on 11th May 2017

    3. Love

      These are handy little things. Ordered extra to be able to use in all of my cloth diapers. They will be so great when baby is having solid bm's just do a little shake. on 22nd Feb 2017

    4. Extra work

      Not something I felt worked as well as I'd hoped. It does help poop removal in the sense that they rinse so easily. But for a moving baby they seem to be more work. The liner doesn't stay in place well within the diaper and u end up with poop on the sides of it anyways. I wish it was maybe designed like a fitted sheet on a mattress so that it could stay secured over the absorbable liners. Maybe something to consider for future production . on 5th Feb 2017

    5. Fantastic product

      Better then disposable! Keeps baby dry and easy to clean. on 11th Dec 2016

    6. Great absorbency!

      I love to use these liners especially with the bamboo inserts. The charcoal inserts already have the stay dry effect so adding the bamboo liners on the bamboo inserts helps with 1-stains and 2- to keep baby a little more dry.
      I'm sure I will appreciate these as well once baby starts eating solids and has solid poop.
      Five stars!
      Thanks lil helper!
      on 25th Nov 2016

    7. Awesome!

      The poop slides right off, which makes for an easy clean up (Even the pastey ones). I also like how they are coloured and don't see stains. They cover the danger zone and protect my diapers! I'm very happy with them! on 24th Nov 2016

    8. Not really effective.

      Does help a bit to clean poop, however really doesn't stay in place and therefore didn't help with cleanup at all for my baby's messy poops. Would be great if they were larger and elastic almost like a fitted sheet to go over the liners? I'm no rocket scientist though. on 11th Nov 2016

    9. AMAZING!!

      These liners are just incredible. The poop just slides off these. They also wick away wetness extremely well. So happy we added these to our Lil Helper collection. Side note, nothing against the quality of the diaper but I find the white liners stain. Be nice if they didn't use such a light stainable colour on the liners. I know they are clean - just stained! But definitely love these!! on 10th Nov 2016

    10. Great

      I think the bamboo liners are great with the exception they need to be wider. They do not cover the whole area of liner like the flushable liners. They are great that you can wash and reuse. on 3rd Nov 2016

    11. Great!

      Can't believe how well these keep my daughter dry! Need more of them in my arsenal... on 24th Oct 2016

    12. Truly a game changer!

      I bought 2 packs of the reusable diaper liners and have been blowing away by how great they are. They have made diaper changes in my household much more enjoyable. I have how east they are to clean and how quickly they dry. I plan to buy 3 more packs of this awesome liners.
      on 20th Jun 2016

    13. Best liners!

      So I thought I was in love with the fleece liners I had but then I got these and wowza- game changer! I love that EBF pooh literally just slides right off! They are nice and wide and the perfect length I'm finding to cover the inside of the diaper. I can rinse off and wash them quickly by hand and they dry right away so I can re-use and don't have to wait til laundry day. I ordered a pack and then got a second pack and I will definitely be ordering more! Give them a try, you won't be disappointed! on 16th Jan 2016

    14. stay dry liners

      I have revived my stay dry liners a few days ago! I was super excited to try them out, so I threw them in the wash right away. As I took them out of the washer I noticed that they were pretty much dry! That's awesome!! on 11th Jan 2016

    15. Great ultra thin liner!

      Really happy with the bamboo stay-dry liners! They are extremely thin and easy to get poo off - even the sticky bits come off effortlessly under water by softly rubbing the liner together. The only thing I'd do different is I'd make them a bit wider, but they do cover most of the insert. I like that they aren't as thick or warm to wear as micro-fleece liners, but still provide an essentially stay-dry layer. A suggestion: indicate on the packaging which side goes toward baby's skin - I had to go searching for that info. :) on 13th Oct 2015

    16. helping mommy get more sleep!

      My 8 week old baby girl is quite the pee machine! These liners are great! I've been using them in our overnight diapers, and they keep her feeling dry enough for a couple extra hours of sleep. Great for both of us! on 22nd Aug 2015

    17. Pleased

      I haven't used liners before but I'm pleased with the outcome so far. The gross stuff comes right off with little to no damage to the diaper.
      on 17th Jun 2015

    18. Cannot get enough!

      These liners are amazing! They have done a wonderful job of keeping my daughter feeling dry and she notices the difference if I put her in a cloth diaper without one. I plan on ordering a pack (or two) with subsequent orders. on 10th Jun 2015

    19. great for cloth!!

      I use these for nap time and find they really help to keep him dry and comfortable.... on 21st May 2015

    20. i need more !

      I love these liners ! And I will be back for more !! on 17th May 2015

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    Bamboo Stay Dry Liners | Lil Helper

    These bamboo liners help keep the baby comfortable and makes cleaning poop easy. Increases over-all absorption of the diapers. See the bamboo stay dry liners here: Check out more great stuff here:
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