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    I am very excited to introduce my new self-help book "How to sleep train your baby in 452 easy steps. One dad's journey from party animal to partLy animal." Upon printing a small batch (100,000 books) of my magnum opus I sadly realised that your kid will be in university by the time you master my 452 steps. Although I highly recommend this encyclopedia to any parent (available in fine bookstores everywhere for $199), it is slightly impractical. If you are in a hurry and want your kiddo to sleep through the night, tonight, you could give our Charcoal Overnight insert a shot:

    It Lasts All Night: Parents have used our overnight cloth diaper insert for 10-12 hours at a stretch.

    Absorbency: You get 8 layers of absorbency in our inserts that will soak up minor oil spills if necessary.

    Stay Dry: Most kids wake up at night because they feel uncomfortable in a wet diaper. The charcoal fabric is completely stay dry. The only way even you will know its wet in the morning is by the weight on the diaper.

    No Leaks: There is an extra gusset on the insert that prevents leaks. Add to that there is a waterproof layer of PUL on the underside of the insert that keeps the cover dry as well.

    Ideal for: If your kid is a heavy wetter and the regular charcoal insert is not enough to last your baby through the night, only then we would recommend getting one these bad boys. Or if your kid is over 18 months old.


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    1. My Overnight Goto Diaper!

      The overnight diaper insert is great! It is much thicker than the daytime and had a different material on the back to hold the moisture from seeping through. This is my new overnight goto diaper as it does NOT leak thru the night and it still dries quickly after washing. I love how easy it is to snap into my lil helper diaper covers. No stuffing saves time! on 23rd Oct 2014

    2. Super Overnight Solution

      My grandbaby is sensitive to wet diapers and cries quickly for a diaper change. The overnight bamboo diaper inserts are awesome. Very absorbent, and leaves baby comfortable. The products are easy to care for by following the instructions. on 14th Aug 2014

    3. AMAZING

      These inserts are amazing. We put baby to bed at 8:00 and don't change him again until 7:00 the next morning and there has never been a rash or a leak. Buy more than you think you'll need because they take longer to air dry than regular inserts. on 7th Aug 2014

    4. Best Overnight Diaper!

      I had a lot of difficulty finding a good overnight diaper that didn't leak so I ordered a few of these to try. I have used them for a few weeks now at night and haven't had a single leak yet! I'm quite impressed with how effective these are - even better than the disposables we were using. I will definitely be ordering more of these. on 16th Jun 2014

    5. Oh so pleasantly surprised!

      We have quite a few friends who cloth diaper, and many of them use a disposable overnight, as they have found that cloth diapers just don't cut it for 10+ hours. We have loved our Lil Helper diapers and how the cloth diapers leave our son feeling soft and dry during the day, so we threw caution to the wind and ordered the overnights, figuring at least they would work for long day trips. We tried them at night and WOW - they work like a dream, even better than disposables! I won't lie - I was surprised, albeit pleasantly :) Our son is an excellent little sleeper, going 12 or 13 hours a night. He's not a crazy heavy wetter, but he has his fair share of liquid in there every morning. No leaks so far - so happy they have worked out!

      Tips would be to wash them first before you use them, line dry them and only use a pinch of soap, we have found that the best way to get the most of these diapers.
      on 28th Oct 2013

    6. Amazing overnight/heavy daytime wetter liner!

      I have one of these, and I wash it every day so I can use it over and over... It keeps my little girl dry all night, and when I change her in the morning, I can't believe the weight of it! I've used it during the day too because I love it so much. I'm about to place an order for more, but I figured I'd stop and review it first. Seriously, buy one. You'll love it. :) on 17th Sep 2013

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