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Lil Helper Day Pack

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    There are a million decisions you need to make before the baby gets here.

    You need to select the color scheme of the nursery. Install the car seat. Think of a cutesy middle name. Apple? Hipster? Laker? Find a suitable pre-school, school, college, etc. for your child. Everything needs to be walking distance, obviously.


    And now you even have to decide how many and what kind of cloth diapers to get?

    Although we cannot decide what your baby’s middle name should be (I’d go with Lil Helper- why not?), we can definitely make your life simpler by offering our Lil Helper Day Pack. It has all the diapers, inserts & wipes you might need for 1 full-day of cloth diapering. 

    If you are not into doing laundry everyday, we would recommend getting at least 2 and preferably 3 packs. So if you plan on washing your diapers every 2 days then you need 2 Day Packs. You should ideally start with 2 day packs and if you think you need more diapers then we recommend you get an additional pack.

    All of this comes with the our legendary customer support where emails are answered super quick like, and you always have the option to call in with questions.

    Cloth diapering, like any new thing you try, has a learning curve but our diapers are designed to be intuitive mixed with our over-zealous customer service, you will never be in want of answers.

    Think we are kidding? Here’s the cell number of Lil Helper’s CEO, Mohammed, 647-885-4642. Ask him why you should get his diapers. Don’t worry about the time- just call. Now try that with any other company.


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    1. Amazing

      I loved these diapers! My daughter is a heavy wetter and loves blowing out her diaper and these absorb everything. It very rarely leaks out the back! I find it's even hard to tell if they're wet! I love them and would highly recommend them to anyone!

      Easy to wash, easy to use, and great for the environment. We all win!
      on 17th Feb 2017

    2. The best way to go!

      We started with one day pack and have now ordered three! This means I only have to do cloth diaper laundry once a week. The Day Packs are also a great way to get into the cloth diaper game. It's everything you need to get started and fall in love! on 14th Feb 2017

    3. Amazing Value! Charcoal for the win!

      I LOVE THESE DIAPERS. The charcoal is brilliant at wicking moisture (I swear you can't even tell when it is wet), and it shows less stains because it is a dark colour. That being said, I honestly have no stains on these diapers....?!? Have never treated them with any stain remover and they wash beautifully. Super impressed with all the products included, and the quality of everything received. on 9th Feb 2017

    4. Happy Bum Happy Baby

      Lil helpers were the (second- baby being first lol-) best thing to happen to me in 2016. This day pack is A++ and I would recommend this bundle to everyone! I happened to first get a day pack from Costco but if I could turn back the hands of time I would have gotten all 3 day packs straight from the Lil helpers website. All of the added extras - overnight inserts, stay dry liners, disposable liners, are the bomb diggity and I find myself wanting more! As well as everyone else mentioned, the candy, tea, and handwritten note are just the cherry on top. I'm absolutely over the moon about the charcoal inserts. They keep my baby so dry and comfy. We haven't even had any leaking overnight yet and I've been using the diapers for about a month now. I reccomend these diapers to EVERYONE! Love love love. Infinity star rating. on 30th Jan 2017

    5. Very happy with these diapers

      When we decided to try out cloth diapering, we ordered one or two diapers of several different brands and Lil Helpers was one of our top two choices based on their trial package, out-performing some of the more expensive brands we had tried. We rounded out our stash with one of their day packs and have been very pleased with both the product and the excellent customer service. We requested a small alteration to the contents of the day pack and Lil Helpers were happy to oblige us. Ordering was easy and delivery was very prompt, the company even phoned to let us know that our order had been shipped out. Price is extremely reasonable for the quality of the product. The diapers are very easy to use and wash and I love that the inserts can simply be swapped out and the cover reused, it makes them my go-to diaper for whenever we're out and about since I can just pack one spare cover and a few sets of inserts and that takes up far less space in my luggage (er... diaper bag).

      We had started out using disposables with our daughter and continued with those until she was about 6 weeks old, but had issues with diaper rash despite using creams. These diapers with the charcoal inserts completely cleared up the rash and we haven't had problems since.

      For bonus points - Canadian company and very close to home for me! Oh, and the squid patterned diaper. Love it :)
      on 10th Jan 2017

    6. Very pleased

      My husband and I are very pleased with our purchase of Lil Helper Cloth Diapers. The day packs are definitely a good set up for anyone who wishes to go the cloth diaper route. We bought three, and probably will be buying a couple more diapers on their own since our little man pees non-stop.

      When we ordered, the diapers came quickly, however some of what was to be included with the order were not. I contacted Lil Helper, and Mohammed called me to reassure me that the issue would be rectified. Well, it definitely was rectified. Mohammed made a home delivery with the rest of the order plus some extras. We really appreciated the quick response and amazing service. We will always be loyal customers.
      on 3rd Jan 2017

    7. Great quality cloth diaper covers and inserts!

      Great quality cloth diaper covers and inserts! Very soft and absorbent, dries quickly, easy-to-use, super cute designs. The lilhelper website has helpful tips to cloth diapering successfully, and the wash routine is simple and effective. Excellent customer service! The lilhelper team is very prompt at answering emails, and are very helpful! Highly recommend!! on 29th Dec 2016

    8. Frist time mom ising cloth diapers

      So my diaper stash is made up two brands primarily Lil Helpers and another brand I won't name. Both brands cost about the same. But holy batman the difference in quality and absorption you would think I paid double for my Lil Helpers. What I love about them is the absorption!!! My little man is 11 weeks old and we just switched to cloth full time a week ago. My little guy hates naps and he always seem to go down 30 mins before I would change a diaper. Well he crashed hard for 2hrs other day and the Lil helper diaper was on for 4hrs NO LEAKS!!!! My little man pees like a firehouse or how they say at Lil Helper he is "well hydrated". I was thrilled and still am thrilled by these diapers! The other thing I love about the diapers is that they are not crazy bulky!!! My lesser brand is huge in comparison. His clothes fit great he doesn't look ridiculous with a giant bottom half on his barely 11.5lbs frame. The third thing I love they fit perfectly from the get go no crazy newborn snapping fold required which was required with my lesser brand diaper. The fourth thing I love they are easy of use!! They aren't joking a monkey on a sugar high can use these diapers!! They are sooo easy! The fifth and last thing I will say about Lil Helpers diapers is the prints they are cute as heck! And let's face it we all pick cloth for 3 reasons really: (personally I am doing cloth because of number 3 more than any other hehehe.)
      1. They are a heck of a lot cheaper than buying disposables.
      2. The environment matters
      3. They are super cute!!!

      So if you are considering Lil Helpers stop looking at other diapers buy these and only these... my heart breaks a little when I reach for my Helpers but they are all soild and I have to use the lesser brand. Don't be like me ONLY BUY LIL HELPER!!!

      on 16th Dec 2016

    9. Love ilihelper !

      Best company I have found. Great costumer service and comes fast! So happy with the way these diapers work and how pretty they are! Definitely would recommend to anyone! on 11th Dec 2016

    10. Great fast customer service

      The diapers came in quickly and were so cute!! I am waiting to test their quality as I approach my due date, but compared to the other diapers I have received, they seem the nicest. Strong snaps, the dark colour of the charcoal liners is great and the prints are the best around. I deffinately plan on ordering more from little diaper!! on 3rd Nov 2016

    11. Buy this brand!!

      I am so happy with my decision to try out Lil Helper diapers! I am new to cloth diapering, and I felt so lost when researching companies as there are so many! I decided to try out 2 Canadian brands- this and one other, as I heeded to the advice of other people to not just buy one brand. I wish I would not have listened and only bought Lil Helpers! The other brand I bought are so bulky and leak with every use! My Lil Helpers are much more trim on my newborn and have not leaked once. And their patterns are cuter ;) on 19th Oct 2016

    12. Gift

      After reviewing cloth diapers on the internet I selected Lil Helper based on the product information and the reviews. My niece is having her first baby in November and I offered to buy her cloth diapers. She was thrilled as she wasn't sure how she would be able to afford them. I also purchased a small and large wet bag. When I actually saw the product I was very impressed. The exterior fabric is soft, great designs and colours, fits small to large, will likely last for more than one child. Without putting this product to the test it looks like it would live up to the companies claims. on 18th Oct 2016

    13. Love these diapers

      Lil Helper cloth diapers are awesome. We bought the day pack to see if we could handle cloth diapering - and turns out we CAN. :) Our baby has pretty thin legs - once we learned the best fit for her, it's been smooth sailing and the diapers do a great job!! (Only thing: would like a link to different fits and how-to fit videos) Not only are they ADORABLE (the prints are soooo cute) but the whole system is fantastic! Thanks guys! on 17th Oct 2016

    14. love at first use

      We had our little bundle of joy two weeks early, weighing in at 5.5 Lbs, and I was worried that we would have to resort to disposable premi diapers. Much to my delight, we discovered we could work with the multiple snaps and follow the blog post to allow us to start cloth diapering from day one. I was surprised that neither my midwife nor the nursing staff at the hospital had seen these before...if only there was a way to get the word to them. The system is easy to use, and the process of washing and hang dry really doesn't take that long - totally worth it and I'm thrilled I went with all-in one diapers from Lil helper.
      My only suggestion would be a diagram pamphlet or easily accessed visual on the website showing what each line of snaps is for and how various weights/sizes can be snapped up. This would be most helpful for my hubby :) (and people trying to get a grasp of how cloth diapering works).
      on 14th Sep 2016

    15. Newbie cloth diaperer - Love Lil Helper diapers!

      I recently started cloth diapering when my baby was 10 months old. I was overwhelmed with all the choices out there and decided to invest in one brand and just figure it out. I went to a local baby store and got the run down and decided that the AI2 (all in twos) were the option for us because of their ease in washing/drying and no stuffing/folding! I live in Toronto, and supporting local was a no brainer. Love the Lil Helper customer service (they are so friendly and funny), their cute diaper prints, the amazingly soft charcoal (and brilliant dark colour to hide stains). Love their overnight inserts and we have had no leaks with 11-12 hour sleeps. I am also thoroughly enjoying the re-usable easy!! Love everything about this company! Just wish they had more prints/colours....I need more :-) on 1st Aug 2016

    16. Day Package

      Love this package, really helped get me going on cloth diapering. Love lil helpers products on 25th Jul 2016

    17. Fantastic!

      Before my son was born I purchased a few different types and brands of diapers so I could try them all out and find out what worked best for our needs. I had read a lot of reviews for Lil Helpers and so I had high expectations....they did not disappoint!
      They are by far my favourite diapers!
      Here's why...

      They were a great fit from day one.
      The charcoal bamboo inserts and covers are super fast drying and feel great against his skin.
      They are so easy to snap on for a perfect fit.

      The day pack is excellent value and I'd recommend Lil Helpers to everyone! They are high quality diapers at an amazing price point and customer service is brilliant. Eventually I plan on using Lil Helpers exclusively!

      on 20th Jul 2016

    18. Loving Cloth Diapering with Lil Helper

      Very impressed with the quality of these diapers as well as the service and attention to detail provided by the company! No need for Vaseline or medicated creams because baby's bum stays dry and rash free in these diapers. Plus, they are super cute and easy to use :). Highly recommend! on 6th Jun 2016

    19. Great buy

      We search online for over a month and we were going crazy trying to find a good buy and a good diaper at the SE time and it can be a little much. Ever one has there favorite and has there opinion so that makes it harder, friends telling you oh you should try these there the best but all our friends like different ones. So my husband found Lil helper some how I still don't know how and we ordered two just to try and both of use loved them and our son also loves them. We then ordered the day pack and will be buying a another day pack or two soon. Thank you Lil hepler on 27th Mar 2016

    20. in love with lilhelper

      Today I received my order of lilhelper's in the mail. I am so impressed with the quality and service!!! Can't say enough great things about this company. I will spreading the word to all my friends as they start having babies!! on 24th Feb 2016

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