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Charcoal Cloth Diaper Seconds SALE

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    3 for $50 (Regular Price: $65.85, Save 25% )

    6 for $99  (Regular price: $140.70, Save 30% + Free Shipping)

    We will sell these diapers as-is, no warranty. Cannot be combined with any coupon codes.

    Shipping in US & CA

    There will be a shipping charge of $5.99 if your order is less than $79. Orders over $79 will ship for FREE in US & Canada.

    May I select colours?

    We will make sure you get a mix of colours. If you do not want PINK,  leave a comment and we will only give you gender neutral colours. Although, IMHO lighter colours look as adorable on baby boys as they look for young gals.

    Anything else?

    You can still expect the same kind of amazing service and customer care that comes standard when dealing with Lil Helper!


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    1. Love our charcoal diapers

      This was my second purchase of lil helper diapers and I was excited to get more charcoal diapers. I find them to be less bulky than the bamboo, so they are my go to diaper! I like that I can also throw the inserts in the dryer and hang the cover, but the charcoal liners are dry very quickly when hung up in comparison to many of our other cloth diapers. on 20th Aug 2017

    2. awesome

      These are great! I can't seem to find a reason at all that they are seconds, they're just as nice as the 1 charcoal lil helper diaper that I bought before. They were a great addition to my stash! on 18th Aug 2017

    3. Ah-mazing!

      I am so in love with Lil Helpers diapers! I had bought 3 day packs from Costco and decided to take advantage for the seconds deal and it did not disappoint! I was so excited to see that the 6 diapers, I got on sale, were different than the ones I had previously perchased. My son is approaching 5 months and had been in Lil Helpers since 6 weeks, his butt loves them! on 11th Aug 2017

    4. Great deal!

      We wanted to try out this product for the first time and the seconds sale (6 for $99) is a great deal! The quality of the products is excellent and you can't tell that these are seconds. We really appreciate the great colours and cute patterns we received! It was so fun to open this package and see all of the goodies! :) Thank you, we will be purchasing more of these diapers! :-) on 3rd Aug 2017

    5. As awesome as the "regular" Lil Helpers

      So, we already have a few lil' helpers diapers, but with kiddo number two arriving, we needed a few more. I bought these, knowing they may have some flaws, but cannot find a single thing wrong!! They are just as fantastic as the "perfect" ones I already have. Also, the mystery of not knowing what colours/patterns you get is a fun way to await the fluff mail! on 31st Jul 2017

    6. Seconds seem like firsts

      I initially bought 2 charcoal cloth diapers from lilhelper to add variety to my super stash. As a first time mom that is new to cloth, I wanted yo try out my options. I quickly found myself reaching for the two lilhelper diapers in had first after a fresh load of diaper laundry was complete (this waa easy to do because they were also the fastest to dry out of all my diapers). As a result, I bought 4 more diapers, so I could use lilhelper more frequently on my babies bottom. Then my little one got a diaper rash (from using other diapers I have NOT lilhelper). I was doing a wash load daily, sometimes twice, just so I could only put her in the lilhelper diapers. I have found that the liners have NEVER made her bum red, so when she got a bad rash I wanted to use them exclusively. My husband was so frustrated watching me do so many loads of laundry, he looked up the lilhelper website and bought 12 of the charcoal seconds for me. Her rash cleared up quickly with using the charcoal exclusively. The diapers we got as seconds were just as good as the other ones we have previously purchased. As usual we got a lovely hand written not, some chocolaty treats and some awesome cotton liners that I also love. I recommend these diapers to everyone that I know who is using cloth and anyone who is thinking of using cloth. So happy I found these diapers. They wash easy. I habe used zinc and Manuka honey on her bum in them and they don't stain at all. They are almost dry when they come out of the wash. Better than my Bum Genius AIOs and my Grovia ONEs and lilhelper is cheaper! Wish I only had invested in lilhelper. Money very well spent. on 26th Jul 2017

    7. Excellent Deal

      The Seconds Deal is such a great deal, especially if you are trying to build up your diaper stash or are seeing if cloth diapers are something that will work in your household. I ordered 2 packs of 6 and didn't get any repeated patterns or colours. One diaper did come with a broken/cracked in half rise clasp that constantly comes undone but other than that, you would never know that they were seconds as they are #1 quality in my heart ;) on 24th Jul 2017

    8. Excellent product, highly recommend!

      We have been using Lil' Helpers for about 3 weeks now and we are very pleased. The diapers are so well made and are very easy to use. We had no prior experience with cloth diapers and found it really easy to get into the swing of using them. Really we have no criticisms to offer! Customer service is also exemplary. Thanks! on 22nd Jul 2017

    9. Excellent product!

      I have tried a few different brands of cloth diapers, and these by far have worked the best for my little guy! FINALLY no leaks! The fit is great. Cute colours/patterns too! I wish I would have discovered these earlier.

      Definitely would recommend to anyone!
      on 21st Jul 2017

    10. Second is pretty much First

      So I'm that person who was scared to try cloth diapering because I didn't want to do the laundry... but my mama cloth diapered four kids so I figured I should give it a go! I ordered a trial cloth diaper for my 5 month old, and after trying it twice (because I watched the handy 'Fitting a cloth diaper on a 20lb baby') I had to order more.

      Enter the 'Seconds Sale'. I'm not sure why any of the diapers I received in my 6 pack from the seconds sale would be considered 'seconds'. They work perfectly. We have had zero poo-namis and can only tell the charcoal inserts are wet by the difference in weight. I ended up ordering a second round of seconds diapers, and just received some overnight inserts that I'm looking forward to trying. The customer service is second to none, the tea and treats are an amazing addition, and I've received freebies in the form of cotton wipes and a bamboo insert! Thanks Team Lil Helper, you've made cloth happen in this house.
      on 20th Jul 2017

    11. Perfect diapers

      I love Lil helpers. I got two day packs from Costco and then this pack of seconds (which are in perfect shape- would never know they are seconds). I was also gifted two other popular brands of cloth diaper before my little ones' arrival and having tested all three it's so clear Lil helpers is best. They fit better, leak less, are easier to use and dry faster. We wore them on our little babe pretty well right away and I even had the midwife check out the fit (because they are a lot of diaper when they're only 8 lbs) and she said they looked great. Sincerely love this diaper and recommend it without hesitations. on 14th Jul 2017

    12. Great deal!

      This is a great deal when trying this cloth diapering system out and trying to build up your collection. I'm now convinced that these are the best diapers ever so I've replaced all my other pocket style cloth diapers to lil helpers and now that's the only brand I will be using from now on. Only diapers that work for my heavy wetter and allows us to go through the night without wet sheets. I'm already on my 4th purchase from this site in under a two month span. Highly recommend! on 12th Jul 2017

    13. Best money I've ever spent!!!

      I was late to the cloth diapering game, I started at 10 months with lil helper and have been kicking myself ever since for not starting sooner. I was hugely sceptical of cloth diapering and really never thought I'd be able to do it! Not only can I do it, I have become a lover of cloth diapers!!!

      5 months into cloth diapering we started having major leaks and blowouts and we were on the verge of quitting, the angels at lil helper (ie, customer service) swooped in and saved the day! Now, we are more in love than ever and have become weird sort of lil helper missionaries to all parents were meet!!

      We recently took them on a camping trip for the first time and everything went so smoothly! Cloth is WAY more convenient than disposables (and I truly never thought I'd say that!!

      I can not say enough good things about these diapers and this company! They have changed our lives forever!
      on 10th Jul 2017

    14. Great deal

      I ordered the 6 pack and requested gender neutral/ boy colours. It came exactly as requested. Brand new, perfect condition diapers! Having exclusively used Lil helper diapers for our 17 month old, now we'll also be using these for our newborn. It's great how flexible the fit is that the same diapers can be used from birth to potty training! on 6th Jul 2017


      The seconds sale was awesome. We can not tell the difference between the seconds and the "originals". Selection sent was great and they continue to do the job. We are very happy that we made the decision to go with Lil'Helper and would strongly recommend these to anyone considering a cloth diaper option. We were doubtful about the quality, but after several months using these... they still work like new! Lil'helper quality, function, and customer service are amazing! You won't be disappointed! on 3rd Jul 2017

    16. Great Value

      I purchased a 3 pack of diapers to add to my stash and it's such a good value. I asked if I could have boy-ish colours and I received grey, dark blue, and zebras. The zebras are now one of my favourite prints :). These diapers are great and fit my son like a dream. I love the colours and prints. Super soft, easy to use and wash. The customer service is great any question you have they are happy to help just email their delight team. on 29th Jun 2017

    17. Fantastic value

      I felt totally comfortable buying seconds diapers after having only positive experiences with lil helper regular price merchandise. Same quality products and exceptional service as with full priced items. I would absolutely recommend buying these. Loved the selection (preferred to both Costco day packs). on 23rd Jun 2017

    18. Love these diapers

      Not sure why they're seconds, but we are loving them! They function exactly the same as 'non-seconds' and I received a good mix of fun patterns and colours. on 22nd Jun 2017

    19. I continue to be blown away

      I have orderes twice from Lil Helper and they have been absolutely amazing both times! From the quick shipping to the bonus items in both boxes, to the candy, and the hand written thank you cards with packages of tea. I havent really gotten a chance to test their product yet as I am not due for a few more months, but I did test oit their inserts using water and was super impressed with how much a brand new, never been washed, insert held before the water soaked through. Definitely going to be buying more from them!! on 21st Jun 2017

    20. Diaper love

      We love our Lil Helpers! There is nothing "second" about this set and I was sent some great coordinating prints and colours! I emailed asking for some different prints from the ones I already had and they had no problem fulfilling my wishes!

      They are my first pick of our stash for so many reasons! The fit is awesome on my little girl, thanks to the hip snaps and I love the stretchy PUL that feels much more trim than other brands. The inserts absorb so much, but you can barely tell if baby is wet so I know she feels nice and dry. I can usually just switch out the insert and reuse the cover a couple of times which gets me a bit more use with less laundry! Plus the super cute prints and colours are adorable on baby's bum! I love showing them off!

      On top of all that, Lil Helper customer service can't be beat! The little extras and handwritten notes in every package and the phone calls, just to check in are lovely touches!

      I'm admittedly a little sad we have "enough" diapers so I don't need to buy more!
      on 19th Jun 2017

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