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Charcoal Cloth Diaper Seconds SALE

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    3 for $50 (Regular Price: $65.85, Save 25% )

    6 for $99  (Regular price: $140.70, Save 30% + Free Shipping)

    We will sell these diapers as-is, no warranty. Cannot be combined with any coupon codes.

    Shipping in US & CA

    There will be a shipping charge of $5.99 if your order is less than $79. Orders over $79 will ship for FREE in US & Canada.

    May I select colours?

    We will make sure you get a mix of colours. If you do not want PINK,  leave a comment and we will only give you gender neutral colours. Although, IMHO lighter colours look as adorable on baby boys as they look for young gals.

    Anything else?

    You can still expect the same kind of amazing service and customer care that comes standard when dealing with Lil Helper!


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    1. Fantastic value

      I felt totally comfortable buying seconds diapers after having only positive experiences with lil helper regular price merchandise. Same quality products and exceptional service as with full priced items. I would absolutely recommend buying these. Loved the selection (preferred to both Costco day packs). on 23rd Jun 2017

    2. Love these diapers

      Not sure why they're seconds, but we are loving them! They function exactly the same as 'non-seconds' and I received a good mix of fun patterns and colours. on 22nd Jun 2017

    3. I continue to be blown away

      I have orderes twice from Lil Helper and they have been absolutely amazing both times! From the quick shipping to the bonus items in both boxes, to the candy, and the hand written thank you cards with packages of tea. I havent really gotten a chance to test their product yet as I am not due for a few more months, but I did test oit their inserts using water and was super impressed with how much a brand new, never been washed, insert held before the water soaked through. Definitely going to be buying more from them!! on 21st Jun 2017

    4. Diaper love

      We love our Lil Helpers! There is nothing "second" about this set and I was sent some great coordinating prints and colours! I emailed asking for some different prints from the ones I already had and they had no problem fulfilling my wishes!

      They are my first pick of our stash for so many reasons! The fit is awesome on my little girl, thanks to the hip snaps and I love the stretchy PUL that feels much more trim than other brands. The inserts absorb so much, but you can barely tell if baby is wet so I know she feels nice and dry. I can usually just switch out the insert and reuse the cover a couple of times which gets me a bit more use with less laundry! Plus the super cute prints and colours are adorable on baby's bum! I love showing them off!

      On top of all that, Lil Helper customer service can't be beat! The little extras and handwritten notes in every package and the phone calls, just to check in are lovely touches!

      I'm admittedly a little sad we have "enough" diapers so I don't need to buy more!
      on 19th Jun 2017

    5. Perfect!

      As other people have said... I can't for the life of me figure out why these were labelled "seconds" as there is nothing wrong with them at all!
      I love my Lil Helpers, they are all we use! And AMAZING customer service.
      on 19th Jun 2017

    6. Best 'seconds' I have ever bought!

      I purchased these to try out Lil Helper diapers and what a steal! These are supposed to be 'seconds' but I canot figure out why! They are some of the best diapers I have purchased in a great long while and will definitely be coming back for more. Not to mention the amazing customer service. on 26th Mar 2015

    7. A great dipe for the stash

      Whenever my baby's bum is a little red I put these on him to help clear up the situation. I love that they are breathable. I haven't had any leak issues, only a little dampness on the outside once when they were on him for 4 hours. The best part about these diapers are the inserts; I like that they snap in, charcoal and you get two different sizes that grow with your baby's bladder :D
      So glad that I found these diapers, looking forward to trying more!
      on 26th Mar 2015

    8. hit and miss for leaks

      Some of the diapers work perfect each time and others leak right through the front part of the diaper, making it frustrating. I know there seconds so I accept it. on 25th Mar 2015

    9. My favourite LH diaper!

      My daughter has sensitive skin and rashes easily when not changed very frequently. I love to use these charcoal diapers because the charcoal wicks away the wetness and allows more airflow. If I know were going out for a bit, I put the charcoal shell on her, and it hasn't leaked yet. I love the charcoal inserts, they are best and do exactly what they are supposed to do! Also, I find it easier to rinse out the "solid stuff" from the charcoal inserts and shells than bamboo, which is also a plus! on 6th Mar 2015

    10. Great Fit and easy to clean!

      I love these diapers. They fit my son well, are easy to take apart to clean and we haven't had a stain yet. As warned about they do soak through if I don't change him fast enough. We haven't had a leak but definitely soak through. I just make sure to change him more often when wearing these diapers.

      We couldn't pass up a good price!
      on 26th Feb 2015

    11. Great diapers for a great price!

      We ordered these diapers because we couldn't pass up such a good deal! We haven't experienced any leaks and love them as much as the newer generation dipes. Hubby also prefers these dipes as they are easier to clean and don't stain. on 25th Feb 2015

    12. Momma In Love!!!

      I cannot say enough about theses diapers!!!!! They have become my new favorite diapers! In my line up of diapers!!! They are super exorbent and keep my lo dry!!! Totally plan on getting severa more once budget allows!! on 20th Feb 2015

    13. Exactly as advertised

      Great price for these! They aren't completely waterproof so they don't last as long as the regular diapers but are good for 2-3 hours. on 10th Nov 2014

    14. Great Daytime diaper

      These diapers are great for daytime. I like that the insides of them are the charcoal as this hides any poo stains that you may get on white diapers and it differentiates between the other diapers that are more waterproof for nighttime. The fit is great and the same as the other lil helper diapers, which I like as it is consistent and therefore very easy to use. I love that the liners just snap together and snap in the diaper. This makes the diapers easy to just grab, snap and put on baby. My husband changes 1 diaper a day and he usually goes to these ones because they are a nice fit and easy to use. on 23rd Oct 2014

    15. I love this company!

      These guys are great. When I saw that they were offering a majorly discounted rate on diapers for preferred customers, I stocked up. I had been frugal when I first purchased the diapers, but I was laundering every day and was concerned I was putting undo stress on the liners. The colors they chose were fine; while I probably wouldnt have chosen brown or hot pink, both look adorable on my daughter, and the variety is much appreciated. Every time I order from them, I receive a free gift and/or coupon, and this time was no exception.

      I first learned about Lil Helper from the Pregnant Chicken blog. Their bamboo mattress pad was highly recommended (it is great). I purchased a couple of diapers before my daughter was born, along with some changing pads. I liked the company's environmentally and socially responsible ethos, and the diapers did not look overly complicated to use or wash (and there was ample explanation for EVERYTHING on their website, including where and how they are made). I started using the cloth when my one month old developed chronic diaper rash. Within two days the rash was gone, and it has never come back. I'm on a very fixed budget, and I love that this is a one-time investment. I dont need to spend money on creams or sprays. I first purchased about a dozen LH diapers, along with washcloths (they are so soft!). Like I wrote before, the Preferred Customer Sale allowed me to buy more diapers sooner than I thought that I would be able to. I love ordering from LH because they clearly appreciate their customers. Every time I purchase something, I receive a handwritten note from Mohammed thanking me for my patronage, and some tea. Once I received hard candies. I love that my order is wrapped in reusable colorful tissue paper rather than wasteful plastic. I cant say enough how happy I am with these diapers, and with Lil Helper company.
      on 11th Jun 2014

    16. Best company ever :)

      I love this company, every experience is great :D they're all I'm using for my diaper stash. The colours I got are adorable, and I'm very very happy with the quality. on 14th May 2014

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