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Lil Helper Quick Starter Kit

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  • Product Description

    You: Why the starter kit?

    Me: So you can try a bunch of Lil Helper Cloth Diapers in a variety of colours and prints and fall in love with what we have to offer. Also, the package comes to you at a considerable discount.


    You: So what are the health benefits….Sorry….Did you say discount?

    Me: Well yeah. The starter kit is available to you for just $79, which is 12% less than what you would have paid had you purchased all of these items individually. Here’s the breakdown:

    Charcoal Diaper (Solid)

    $19.95 x 1 $19.95

    Charcoal Diaper (Print)

    $22.95 x 2 $45.90

    Charcoal Insert Set

    $9.95 x 1 $9.95

    Bamboo Insert Set

    $8.95 x 1 $8.95

    Bamboo Stay Dry Liners (5 pcs)

    $5.99 x 1 $5.99
       Total   $90.74
      You Pay   $79.00


    You: Good then. I will just purchase 10 starter kits to make my whole stash!

    Me: No. No. We only allow each individual to purchase a maximum of three starter kits. We hope that you will try one for yourself and give the other one as a gift to a friend who is considering cloth diapers.


    You: How can you stop my sister, who lives two blocks away, from ordering a starter kit?

    Me: Well we can’t. But seriously, would you swindle two nerds? And why would your sister order cloth diapers for you anyway. I am sure she thinks you are a hippie. Please don’t order more than three kits.


    You: What else can I do with these starter kits?

    Me: Baby Shower Gifts. Even if the expecting parents are not committed to using cloth diapers. They will definitely run out of disposals at sometime. God forbid, the child has a rash due to disposable diapers. Your gift will redeem you from your playful moniker of “Treehugger”. Maybe not.


    You: How much for shipping?

    Me: Ships for free anywhere in Canada! If you're in the U.S., head on over to our American site for equally awesome deals.


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    1. Beautiful Diapers

      I haven't have a chance to use them yet due to my little peanut deciding to be a late arrival but I love the look and feel of the diapers. I can tell by playing around with the snaps that I'll be able to use them from day one and I'm looking forward to it! on 12th Feb 2016

    2. in love

      Love the diaper and everything that came with starter back a great way to start cd. on 29th Jan 2016


      I purchased the quick starter kit and additional inserts, and love them so far! First I was impressed with the customer service and personal touches, which is then backed up by their quality product. The inserts have great absorption, and I've been able to use the same cover multiple times, as long as the inserts are changed frequently. No leaks so far, and my baby seems to love the fit and softness compared to the disposables I was using. I am definitely a cloth diaper convert, and only wish I had done this with my first child as well. Better late than never! :) on 27th Jan 2016

    4. Super Impressed

      This is my first time cloth diapering, and this starter pack got me hooked! I love the colours and prints (but I do wish there were more!) and the bamboo insert was a nice addition to complete the package. Definitely would recommend, and even better that it's a Canadian company with excellent customer service! on 17th Jan 2016

    5. Great diapers!

      Great diapers! I had tried out quite a few types of diapers and had not found any that works for us- I found my little guy got diaper rash and was frequently leaking out of the diapers. I didn't have any of these problems with the lil helper diapers and there are also some the cutest diapers on the market! on 5th Jan 2016

    6. great quality products

      I purchased this kit in Apr 2014 at the start of my cloth diaper journey. The diapers are great quality and quite absorbent. Since my son is a "heavy wetter", I prefer the Charcoal diaper more than the cotton. The liners, washcloth and change pad are fabulous quality. I received my kit rather quickly in the mail and was impressed with the personal thank you card and small gift included (tea bags).
      Overall, I would recommend this kit for new and veteran cloth diapering parents. It's great if you're curious about what the different materials are like without having to spend a fortune. They have great absorbency.
      on 15th Sep 2014

    7. great looking product!!

      Haven't had the opportunity to try the product as my little one isn't due for a couple more months yet. The diapers look and feel great, as do the other products, and came wrapped very nicely. Will definitely order from again! on 4th Sep 2014

    8. Lil Helper Starter Kit

      I have bought this for my daughter-in-law who is expecting her first baby who is due Oct 4. She had been researching cloth diapers and told me about the site. I decided to buy this as a gift for her. Needlessto say, nothing has been used yet but she is thrilled and is looking forward to the day her son is born. on 2nd Jul 2014

    9. Great starter kit

      I love all the products sent. Great colour choices, easy to use diapers and liners. on 5th Jun 2014

    10. Very happy with this kit!

      This kit is a great intro to Lil Helpers diapers. I was super impressed with everything and the extras in the package were very nice. My son is small for his age, has a once a day/every other day huge poop, and is a somewhat heavy wetter. As you can imagine, finding a diaper that fits without too much bulk, but still contains everything is hard.

      The cotton liners are SO SOFT. I get excited to use them just because they're so soft, though they are also absorbent and fit well. The stand out product to me was the charcoal diaper and liners. They are also really soft but they absorb a LOT. I put my son to bed in one and when he woke the next morning, there was no leaking and the diaper still felt mostly dry. Usually his diaper is totally soaked and there's a huge wet spot right after he wakes up!

      So far both the cotton and charcoal have contained everything he's thrown at them comfortable and without bulk. I haven't had a need for the stay dry liners yet since hes still exclusively breast fed, but he'll be starting solids in a couple of short months and I am confident that they'll be great. My only wish is that Lil Helper will start selling their inserts without snaps so I can use them with other covers I already had or without the top small insert. I don't feel comfortable putting snaps against my boys tender areas.

      Overall I'm very happy with everything and I will definitely order again.
      on 18th Mar 2014

    11. Awesome Way to Start Cloth Diapering

      This Starter Kit has provided me with a great start to cloth diapering. I have been test driving Lil Helper and two other brands of cloth diapers for 2 weeks. I have previously been a devotee of Pampers Sensitive disposable diapers, but wanted to go with a more economical and environmentally friendly way of diapering.

      Both of the diapers in the Kit have been working very well for my 5 month old daughter -- both are very absorbant and no leaks! My favorite between the two is the charcoal diaper. I nervously used it overnight (half expecting the worst with a leaky wet baby in th emorning) and had a happy baby 12 hours later when she woke up for her morning nursing! While the diaper was definitely heavy with wetness, it strangely didn't feel crazy moist, which is a good thing for my daughter's skin overnight.

      I appreciate the value in this Kit as well, with the additional cotton insert, liners, and the blanket (with very adorable patterns!).

      I have not yet tried using the liners as my daughter so far seems only to poop about once a week. I'm sure once I start solids, I will really appreciate the liners!

      The one thing I find with these, and perhaps all AI2, diapers is that even though you can technically change the inserts and reuse the outer shell, I have never been able to do that -- each time I change my daughter's diaper, the inserts and the shell are all wet! I'll definitely be ordering more bamboo and charcoal diapers from Lil Helpers. Not sure if I will need extra inserts, given that I am always changing out the entire diaper anyway.
      on 24th Jan 2014

    12. Amazing little kit!

      What a great idea! This starter kit is perfect for anyone contemplating cloth diapers and even for those seasoned diaper-ers who want to try different types/brands of diapers. Great quality, and a great fit. The charcoal bamboo is hands down my favorite. It's trim, soft and absorbent (sadly my daycare lost it so my love was short lived!). The only thing that could make this kit better would be the inclusion of a wet bag and some wipes...perhaps that could be the deluxe starter:) on 30th Aug 2013

    13. Very happy

      The products from Lilhelper are great. Very good quality and the fabrics are so soft on baby's skin. After trying it with the starter pack, I happily put in another order for more. The colours are also beautiful and vibrant.
      It was great to try out different options and I like the charcoal ones best. The diapers hug and move well with my active son. I just wish I found Lilhelper sooner when I first started buying my cloth diaper stash. Now I'm replacing my others with Lilhelpers!

      The customer service is fantastic and the order arrived very quickly.
      on 2nd Aug 2013

    14. 2 Starter Kits = Great Value, Great Products

      I love the value in the starter kits. I ordered 2 kits and now I have 4 diapers and 6 liners in my rotation. The diapers are trim and the colours are great. I love seeing my little guy in them! I'm planning on getting a few more charcoal bamboo diapers. They are so soft and they dry very fast.

      There are a lot of snaps on the diapers which I'm not used to since I haven't used a lot of one-size diapers. I would be interested in trying these in two sizes if the lil' helper would make them. Still, they fit my 23 pound toddler very well. I have noticed that when the inserts are snapped in the front and back, the insert tends to pull the diaper down a bit more in front. Since I've got a boy, I'll usually not snap the back one and it doesn't pull. Having said that, there have been no leaks either way.

      The stay dry liners are awesome! The blanket and change pad are a really nice quality and my lucky cousin will get them as a baby gift.

      The customer service from this company is great. Quick response to email, hand-written notes, tea...other companies have a lot to learn from these guys!
      on 20th Jul 2013

    15. an awesome start to the cloth diapering

      being a new mom and new to cloth diapers was skeptical about buying them, specially when no other parent around me had ever tried it before. the starter kit made me fall in love with them and i would recommend them to all new parents. never thought i would be so excited on diapers but i was damn excited to try them and now in love with them :) on 15th Jul 2013

    16. great way to try things out

      I really enjoyed this opportunity to try different products out. As a starter kit, I thin it is fantastic. As far as the products in the starter kit, I love the liners and the charcoal bamboo diaper and inserts the most. I like the standard diaper too, but the cotton inserts get a little bit lumpy and have to be reshaped every time they are washed if you want them to be nice and flat. A couple rows of stitching down the length of the insert could solve this problem by keeping the layers in place more. The charcoal, however, keep their shape very well and they really are amazingly absorbent and dry very quickly after washing. I plan to buy more liners and more charcoal bamboo diapers. on 12th Jul 2013

    17. Try then buy

      This is the perfect way to figure out cloth or disposable. After receiving my starter kit I was able to figure out what to order. I like the diapers so much I bought my brother in law and his wife the starter pack for a baby shower gift. on 27th Jun 2013

    18. Perfect combination to get started!

      Beginning to cloth diaper my little one was overwhelming. This starter kit helped me figure out which types of diapers I like best (turns out I like them all for different times of day!), the cloth wipes are AMAZING, and the wet bag although small, holds way more than you think (and keeps the smell in)!
      Very happy with my purchase. Now I know what products I need to order more of and I have gifted another starter pack to my sister in law for her to try out! A great shower gift!
      on 21st May 2013

    19. A great way to try all the different products!

      I wanted to try a few different diapers, and the wipes, so I bought the starter kit because of the 15% savings.

      I ended up buying another kit... you can buy two you know... ;)
      on 6th May 2013

    20. Good start to cloth diapering!

      Wanted to start cloth diapering our baby since he was getting a horrible diaper rash from disposables. Didn't know which one to buy so that starter kit was a good way for us to try out each kind. Super fast delivery and wonderful service! on 17th Apr 2013

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