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Diaper Cover - Replacement or Exchange ONLY

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    1. Stellar customer service!

      I had an issue with a diaper cover I had recently purchased. The material seemed to be different then the others and always come out of the wash all stuck together. I contacted lil helper just to ask them about it, not expecting a solution really. Immediately they wrote me back to tell me they would be happy to send me a replacement cover. And they did!
      It was quick, easy and painless. I'm always floored by their excellent customer service as it is so hard these days to find a company that cares about their 'small time' customers.
      I continue to tell everyone about lil helpers and always suggest them when I hear someone is shopping for diapers.
      Plus my baby looks great with diaper booty ;)
      on 25th Apr 2018

    2. Nice and soft on my newborn

      I love the fit and feel of Lil helper cloth diapers. They are stretchy and soft around the elastics, which is great on my newborns sensitive skin. I am able to get a good fit by folding down the front, and like the overlapping snaps to get the diaper small around the waist. They wash easily and dry fast too! on 23rd Apr 2018

    3. Perfect service

      A couple of our covers had a wee issue with the PUL, and Lil Helpers were super quick and amazing to help us get them replaced and assured me that they'll look into the issue for future. With this company, I actually believe them because their service is always top-notch. I happily recommend them to everyone. on 31st Jan 2018

    4. Replacement cover

      I recently had an issue where the back inside snap came off one of the diaper covers. I emailed customer service when I noticed, in the evening on a Saturday night I believe and was surprised to receive a reply that night. They were so quick to offer a free replacement cover (without even wanting the other one back) and sent it out the following Monday. A few days later I received the replacement. It's one of the new larger sized ones which was also a perfect way for me to try out and see the difference in fit.(which I love) Again I'm blown away by the amazing customer service I've received from Lil Helpers. I see more of the new covers being purchased in the future! Thanks again! on 20th Nov 2017

    5. Great customer service

      Am an exclusive Lil Helper user since my little one grew out of his newborn diapers. Have had great luck with the charcoal liners and shells. The bamboo seems to leak through and bother my boy's bum while the charcoal seems to wick moisture away, and he barely notices he's wet unless it's a big one. The cotton lined shells and the non-PUL shells also seem to be more leaky than the charcoal and soft-lined shells, which work great and can often be re-used with just a liner replacement. I find myself reaching almost exclusively for the charcoal lined shells and charcoal liners and overnight inserts.

      I contacted customer service with one (cotton) shell that had ripped at the inside button, and sent along a photo. They were quick and helpful, and replaced the shell free of charge with no questions asked. Great customer service, quick to replace, and the new shell is great! Glad to have a great Canadian company that makes such a great product.
      on 25th Jan 2017

    6. Great customer service!

      The fact that lil helper offers to exchange damaged covers free of charge is an extra reason why I'm sticking to this company -solely- for cloth diapering.
      Love them!
      on 13th Jan 2017

    7. Best Customer Service Ever!

      We love our lilhelpers and when our beautiful green shell had threads coming out we messaged customer service to ask what could be done. A new shell was sent out asap! Our replacement shell is perfect, soft and cost us nothing!
      lilhelpers is always going above and beyond and stands by their products, thank you for not only your products but amazing customer service!
      on 23rd Mar 2016

    8. Amazing products and customer service!

      Being a recent diaper convert, I am kicking myself for not using cloth diapers with my first two children! Lil Helper diapers are sooo easy to use and super convenient. They are easy to put on, adjustable and have easy maintenance! Not only do they carry quality products, they have the absolute best customer service (friendly, helpful and FAST)! I am recommending these diapers and this company to everyone I know!!!
      Thank you, Lil Helper, for helping me to make a healthier choice for my wee babe and the earth!
      Sincerely, Mandy Dodd
      on 5th Oct 2015

    9. Amazing Customer Service

      I had a slight issue with the fit of my bamboo diaper folding under at the top. I emailed Lilhelper and they put a replacement cover in the mail the same day. They truly stand behind their products.
      on 1st Jun 2015

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