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Trial Diaper Deal - 52% off on 1 Diaper + Free Shipping NEW CUSTOMERS in Canada ONLY

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    You: So what do I get in the trial kit?
    Me: 1 charcoal cloth diaper (1 Solid) that come with 2 inserts each ($24.95) + shipping ($5.99) in Canada. The retail price for the trial kit is $30.95 but in this limited time offer you get it for $14.95 + FREE SHIPPING. Basically 52% off.
    Since charcoal is stay dry it works great as a night time diaper or when your baby has a rash or generally sensitive skin. All our cloth diapers come with 2 inserts each and the outer shell is a one-size waterproof cover that will fit your baby from birth till they are potty trained.  This is how our customers react when they find out that Lil Helper is their new fave diaper.

    You: Wow, great offer, I have been a long time customer of yours and I would love to add a colour or 2 to my stash?
    Sorry. This limited time trial offer is only for 1st time customers who've never tried a Lil Helper Cloth Diaper. If you have used a Lil Helper cloth diaper before, you can attest to the fact that it is a quality product, backed by passionate customer service and it would please us to bits if you get one of our other packages. This offer is specifically for the folks who are on the fence about Lil Helper as a company and not sure what to expect from the product.

    You: May I buy some for my family or friends?
    Sorry, this offer is for personal use only. You can certainly invite your friends and family to avail of this fab offer but cannot buy for them as gifts. The Shipping & Billing Address needs to be the same or we will cancel the order and refund your money.

    You: 52% off?? For your premium cloth diapers that everyone raves about?? I am going to buy my whole stash!!
    Me: Hold on now. You can only buy 1 trial diaper kit at 52% off, which includes 1 All-in-Two One-Size Charcoal Cloth Diaper + Free Shipping. Only 1 cloth diaper trial kit per household.

    You: What the %^&*? Why wouldn't you let us buy more diapers at this insane price?
    Me: Precisely that- because it is kinda crazy. We are losing money even letting you buy this 1 trial diaper kit. But we want you to try our amazing diapers first-hand so you know why Lil Helper Cloth Diapers are the best in the market.

    You: Great offer! I will come by next month to buy a diaper.
    WAIT! This is a limited time offer and we will pull the plug on this offer at any point. It is an experiment on our end. So it's now or never.

    You: Tell me, what's the catch, I am tired and I feel like the great deal on this premium charcoal cloth diaper is too good to be true.
    Me: Seriously, no catch. All we want is for you to try Lil Helper Cloth Diapers with little to no risk, so you yourself can experience why our customers LOVE us so much.

    You: So you are doing the old drug dealer trick, ha? The first hit is on the house but then we pay full price the next time around, right?
    Me: Yes! You got it.

    You: So if I pick-up anything else from your store, will it still be free shipping?
    Me: I am sorry, no. We charge $5.99 for all orders under $79. Orders above $79 ship free. If you are an international buyer, place your order and we will get you an awesome shipping rate.

    You: Thank you for having this awesome deal! It will make me comfortable ordering my entire stash from Lil Helper once I try out your diaper. Thanks!
    This is my reaction each time a customer of leaves us a YouTube review.

    So please, please leave us a review once you try our diaper.

    You: What if I don't like my trial diaper? I can send it back, right?
    Me: What? Not like our diapers? How could that be? IMPOSSIBLE! But please note: there are no refunds on trial diapers. That's why it's a trial diaper, to see if it works for you. If you are having issues with your trial diaper (fit, leaks, snapping and so on) why not call or email us and we'll do whatever we can to help you out! We're always around somewhere: or 1-877-2-877-930

    You: One last question; how long does it take to ship the Trial Diapers specifically?
    Me: Here is a video that should answer any questions you may be having right now:

    If you still haven't received your diaper after three weeks, though, please come back to me and I will make sure we get a diaper to you asap.


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    1. Wonderful diaper!

      So easy to use and the multitude of snaps makes it easy to get a perfect fit. Wonderful company. If you're considering using cloth for your baby I would recommend Lil Helper on 20th Feb 2018

    2. Great product!

      I’ve tried a few different styles and brands of cloth diapering now, and I really like the lilhelpers! They’re easy to use, comfortable fabric, and not extra poofy on my daughter.
      The only thing I wasn’t very pleased with is that I asked for a “girlish” print for my first trial diaper and I got more of a boy print.. other than that I was very pleased with the shipping time and the extra treats I got with it :) great personalized service!
      on 19th Feb 2018

    3. Great product, amazing introductory value!

      While I patiently wait for little one to arrive I get more and more eager to try out Lil Helper diapers! The trial diaper offer is an incredible value for first time customers. It came very quickly, and I was so pleased with the quality of the product. When I did a prewash, I was amazed by how absorbent the charcoal liners are!!!! on 16th Feb 2018

    4. Great lil diaper

      Easy to use, super absorbant and cute prints! on 9th Feb 2018

    5. Super Easy

      The diaper is very easy to use. I love on 7th Feb 2018

    6. Cute!

      I bought a trial diaper so that my husband and I could make an informed decision regarding cloth vs disposable diapers... I wanted to see what the product was like and get a sense of how it would work before buying more. Haven't tried it on an actual baby yet (he's still on his way), but the designs are lovely, they seem straightforward to use (from newborn and beyond - I've tried out different snap configurations to see the different sizes) and to clean, and the information on the website regarding cost-savings, washing and everything else is very helpful. Thanks! on 1st Feb 2018

    7. First time user

      I had heard a lot about the cloth diapers and wow! We love them. At first we were a bit skepticical but ordered a trail anyways, our baby is a few weeks old now and we are already starting to purchase more! Great investment! on 1st Feb 2018

    8. Best Cloth Diaper!!

      So far this is the best cloth diaper that I have tried and by FAR the best customer service. I have since bought more as it quickly became my favourite diaper in my stash. on 31st Jan 2018

    9. Great Quality!

      great product. great designs. great quality. great company. great customer service. on 31st Jan 2018

    10. All Around Great

      We are pretty die-hard prefolds and covers lovers and have been not enjoyed other systems like pockets or all in ones. When a friend gave a rave review about the lil' helpers I wanted to see for myself. I love that I could order one diaper and not pay shipping! We tried it on our 10lb 4 week old and it fit great which I was surprised about since many one-size diapers don't fit well yet. I love that we could use the smaller insert only and it wasn't overly bulky at all. The diaper has a nice stretch so I could get the hip snap done up nice and tight. I love the stay dry aspect as well so our little guys sensitive skin isn't irritated. This is now my go-to diaper for leaving home as it's quick and easy to take off and put a new one on. I also like that I can just replace the insert if it's wet. I hope to get some more soon!
      We also received excellent customer service when I emailed asking a few questions and the personal touches in our package have a great small-business feel to them. I like supporting that and not huge companies.
      on 30th Jan 2018

    11. So Easy to Use!

      So Many reasons why I love these diapers!
      1. Customer service- amazing. They replied to my email questions within the day.
      2. Price point: Great value for the price, plus less laundry than pocket or AIO diapers.
      3. Function: very easy to use snap in liners stay put and easy for the grandparents to use too.
      4. Compatibility- I also have best bottoms and both inserts are interchangeable. I love this because I can use both covers depending on what I need. Lil helpers for a long drive/hike, best bottoms for a low profile diaper. I can use either liner with either cover.
      5. Esthetic: the patterns are so cute AND they sent me the pattern I requested in the surprise pack.

      Over all I'm super happy with this product and have recommended it to all my cloth diapering friends.
      on 24th Jan 2018

    12. The Best!

      I purchased this sample diaper for my grandson and my daughter just loves them. She has already ordered over 20 diapers after trying several other brands! She says these are The Best! on 23rd Jan 2018

    13. Can't wait to use try it!

      I received my trial diaper and am so impressed with the quality of the product and the customer service! I can't wait to try this out and will surely be ordering a daypack soon. on 23rd Jan 2018

    14. Absolutely wonderful

      Love. Love. Love this product! My son absolutely hates diapers and I struggle to keep them on him! But this one he loved he hasn't tried to take it off! Also great absorbency and cute color and design! on 3rd Jan 2018

    15. Cute design

      I ordered the trial diaper deal which came quickly with some nice extras (teabags,coming from England I love tea haha) I love the design that was sent for my daughter, Russian dolls. I have given it 4 stars just because I haven't used it enough but so far so good, we've had no issues with it. The charcoal coloured inserts are good quality and very soft. on 25th Dec 2017

    16. Trial diaper review

      Love these diapers! Shipping was super speedy, packaging was personalized which was a nice touch. The diaper was heavingly soft as were the inserts which, hallelujah, kept my son nice and dry for a full 10 hrs! on 11th Dec 2017

    17. Brilliant!

      Very impressed overall.
      I received this product very quickly...
      The quality is excellent.
      I chose "girl"...the colour of vibrant grape was very appealing.
      A full nights sleep of 11 hours and not even a tiny leak.
      So soft too.
      Totally deserving of a five star rating
      on 3rd Dec 2017

    18. LOVe love love these diapers

      So far we’ve had multiple pees and a poop in our lil helpers sample diaper and never had one leak. The diaper fits nice and trim, even with both inserts. Only washed once before using and the absorbency of the charcoal inserts blew me away! I also like that the shell and inserts dry super fast on the drying rack, so it’s back in commission very quickly. I’ll certainly be buying a few more of these and highly recommend them to anyone wanting to use cloth diapers. on 1st Dec 2017

    19. Great cloth diaper-so easy to use!

      Received our trial diaper and have been using it along with pocket diapers and the Lil helper is super nice and easy the way the liners snap in and out. They are pretty absorbent and launder up quite nicely. Thanks! on 1st Dec 2017

    20. Absorbent but on the big side

      I really liked the bamboo liners and the snap in idea, they were really absorbent. I have used it on my 2 month old who is around 12 pounds and the leg elastics on the smallest setting are still too big for her. So overall I'm sure it will be a great diaper once she is bigger, maybe in another month or so! In the meantime I'm using the liners in some of my other diaper covers until she grows into the shell. on 1st Dec 2017

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