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Charcoal Insert Set

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    I know you just wanna sleep through the night without changing your baby's cloth diaper every hour.

    Thankfully we were spared that bit of trouble. We used the charcoal inserts in Lil Helper's Original Cloth Diaper. The charcoal cloth absorbed everything our lil babe threw at it while keeping her dry. The original diaper shell held everything inside- no spills or leaks. Me and wifey, slept through the night. Actually no, wifey still had to feed the baby. I slept through the night as it was my duty to diaper change. Here's why you'll love our charcoal inserts:

    Two Inserts: You get two inserts in a pack. One small insert. One large insert.

    Keep Your Baby Feeling Dry: The charcoal cloth inserts can hold upwards of 180 ml of moisture and still feel dry. The ideal choice for an overnight diaper insert. No diaper rashes either.

    Soothing: The hypoallergenic and anti-bacterial qualities of charcoal will soothe your baby's nasty diaper rash.

    Mix it up: Fits all other Lil Helper diapers.

    Did you know? Charcoal is hypoallergenic, naturally deodorizing, and anti-bacterial. Most importantly, the dark colour doesn’t show stains.


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    1. Charcoal inserts

      Love these! They have worked so well and absorb so much! I love the colour that it hides any stains. They wash up great too and always look and smell fresh! on 13th Jan 2018

    2. Nice 'n dry!

      These inserts keep my baby dry and happy. There are tons of cloth diaper options out there, and I'm very happy I went with lil helper. The products are awesome and the customer service is phenomenal! on 12th Nov 2017

    3. Charcoal inserts

      I am still finding it hard to guestimate the frequency with which to change the diapers, however, they are quick and easy to change and even if my daughter soaked them her diaper area is not looking irritated at all.
      Like the decreased environmental impact.
      on 2nd Oct 2017

    4. Great Product!

      These inserts are the best. I use them with all of my cloth diapers. My little guys just turned 8 weeks and he's been using the small insert in his day time diapers and the large and small in his night time. These inserts keep him dry and allow him to sleep comfortably without being woken up due to wetness. They are not bulky and don't show any signs of staining. They are also really soft to the touch. I've been washing them every other day and they are still really soft. I would definitely recommend these to anyone using cloth diapers even if you don't use the lil'helper shells (which are also great). The customer service is also amazing. Very nice and helpful people. Ask them anything! They are happy to help. on 29th Jun 2017

    5. Best liners for sensitive bottoms

      Lil Helper diapers and inserts are my absolute favourite. While the cover prints are cute and easy to get a good fit with, the inserts are what won me over. My heavy wetter can go 10-12 hours overnight with the regular charcoal inserts and wake up with a dry bottom. The inserts wick away moisture amazingly well and hold absorbency without leaks.
      I've managed to try a few different brands of diapers by now, but Lil Helper takes the cake.

      The personal care from the company isn't a bad touch either. ;) It's nice to be treated not only as a valued customer, but as a mom whose opinion and needs are valued.
      on 24th May 2017

    6. LOVE Lilhelpers

      finally, a cloth diaper that fit my newborn. She is just 3kg and i managed to get a nice fit.
      Love the absorbancy of the charcoal inserts and great customer service,love the personal touch!
      on 12th Mar 2017

    7. My Favorite!!!!!!!!!!!

      My favorite...ordered more and more of these to use in my other cloth diapers in addition to my lil helpers that were given to me and were not fitting my baby. Used these inserts and they fit perfect. Plus absorbancy is great without the bulk and love that they are grey vs. white. on 24th Feb 2017

    8. Charcoal has Magic Powers

      I love these inserts! I have tried both the charcoal and the bamboo, and while they both work very well, the charcoal is definitely my favourite. I love how they don't stain, and how they keep my baby's bum so dry! Would definitely recommend. on 9th Feb 2017

    9. Very good inserts

      My husband and I just started using the Lil Helper Cloth Diapers with our one-month old son. We are currently on day two and we are very pleased with them. The charcoal inserts are absorbent and very easy to change. We are definitely going to be buying more since our little man needs frequent changes. He currently has a diaper rash and we are looking forward to seeing how the charcoal inserts help minimize their occurrence. on 3rd Jan 2017

    10. Charcoal or bust.

      I am a huge fan of Lil Helper diapers - specifically the charcoal line. They are a slimmer fit and the colours are great. "Solid waste" literally slides off this material and makes cleaning cloth diapers very tolerable (even for hubby and that's saying a lot in most homes). Highly recommend! on 1st Dec 2016

    11. Best Inserts Going!

      I absolutely love these inserts!! I love how much they absorb and the stay dry feeling half the time you can't tell if there wet by the touch only by weight. After using sposies when we're out and Baby gets a bit of a red bum, come back home and put a charcoal bamboo insert Diaper on and bam it's gone! on 17th Nov 2016

    12. Best inserts!

      These are definitely are favourite inserts. They absorb really well and my son doesn't get cranky as quickly if he pees in his diaper. With disposables he freaked out immediately. He's always dry even though he's peed in the diaper a few times (he pees non stop this guy!). They also come out basically dry from the wash (and super clean!), on 10th Nov 2016

    13. Inserts that never fail!

      We love our charcoal inserts. Our entire diaper stash are lil' helpers now because we have been so happy with how easy the diaper system is and how absorbent the charcoal inserts are. We never have leaks or explosions. I prefer the charcoal to the bamboo simply because of the drying time.
      We will buy more for sure!
      on 2nd Sep 2016

    14. excellent

      The charcoal liners do an excellent job at keeping baby dry and are very soft. Wash up very nice and will be purchasing more. Love lil helpers diapers. on 13th May 2016

    15. wonderful!

      I bought Lil Helper diapers for my next baby that will be arriving in May, but have been trying them out on my toddler who only still wears diapers overnight. I was nervous that she would be soaked when she woke up after 12 hours since she's still a really heavy wetter at night. But, no leaks whatsoever! I don't even do up the bottom snap around her legs b/c she finds it too snug, but those charcoal inserts are amazing! So absorbant! Sometimes it's even hard to tell if they are wet without sniffing them. They dry so quickly on low heat in the dryer or hanging on the line. I really am loving them and looking foward to using them on baby #2! Thanks for introducing me to a great product Lil Helper! on 5th Apr 2016

    16. soft soft soft

      My wife asked me to do a blind test with other brands to see which brand has the softest insert. No need to guess.. Lilhelper is so so soft.

      Love the double snaps on the larger one even though I haven't tried using them yet due to my little one
      on 27th Mar 2016

    17. Love love love!

      I love these inserts. Not only do they come with 2 (fantastic for overnight) - a smaller one that layers over the larger one, but they have snaps that work with more than one style of my diapers. They're super absorbent for my little girl who is a heavy wetter. I intend on buying many more of these. on 22nd Mar 2016


      Cannot say enough great things about the charcoal liners! Super absorbent, no stains and super soft on babe's bottom. The only 'bad' thing is that I sometimes forget a diaper change as there's no tell tale smell..... Which isn't really a bad thing is it! :P on 20th Mar 2016

    19. i want to like them more

      I love the charcoal liners as they are so soft and keep diaper rash at bay on my sensitive boy. My only issue is I'm getting frequent leaks around the legs and waistband. It has happened at times within an hour of putting on a new diaper. I really love everything else about the diaper, but the absorbency issue makes me worry that he's going to wake up from a nap soaking wet. on 29th Feb 2016

    20. Charcoal inserts are super absorbent - great for overnight

      We have been using 2 different cloth diaper brands (Applecheeks and Lil Helper) since the birth of our daughter 5 months ago. Both brands work very well together but we always turn to the charcoal inserts for the night time since they are super absorbent and they keep our little one the happiest! We highly recommend the charcoal diapers by Lil Helper! on 18th Feb 2016

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