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  • Reversible Bandana Bibs
    Reversible Bandana Bibs CAD 5.95 Choose Options Choose Options
    INTRODUCING NEW LIL HELPER BIBS! Adjustable for two different sizes fitting birth-to-college... and beyond! Feature a waterproof layer between the printed cotton and microfleece so your kids clothes stay dry. Last...
  • Zipper Wetbag
    Zipper Wetbag CAD 9.95 Choose Options Choose Options
    There are questions that have plagued humanity for ages: How did the universe come into place? Which came first: the chicken or the egg? Where do parents store their dirty cloth diapers? Rest assured we have...
  • Large Wetbag
    Large Wetbag CAD 24.95 CAD 19.95 Choose Options Choose Options
    Look, accidents happen. If they didn't, we wouldn't be in business. So it's about preventing mistakes where you can, and dealing with them where you can't. So if you have a child, there are going to be 'accidents'...
  • Burp Cloth
    Burp Cloth CAD 11.95 Choose Options Choose Options
     No one with children has good pants or a clean shirt anymore. Isn't that always the lament? Weep no more for your favourite t-shirt or those Dockers... we have found a lil solution! Introducing: Our Lil...
  • Cloth Wipes (4 pcs.)
    Cloth Wipes (4 pcs.) CAD 11.95 CAD 9.95 Add To Cart
      And each time the strategically placed throw moves away from your pearl white couch, exposing "the stains"- say a lil prayer for the things that can be wiped clean.This new style of cloth wipe from Lil...
  • Bamboo Stay Dry Liners
    Bamboo Stay Dry Liners CAD 5.99 Add To Cart
      The joy you get from using cloth diapers and saving thousands of dollars is slightly lessened when you have to scrub poop off a cloth insert before throwing it in the washer. Thank goodness you have the...
  • Flushable Liners (100 pcs.)
    Flushable Liners (100 pcs.) CAD 13.95 CAD 11.95 Add To Cart
    Best of Both Worlds: Convenience of disposables, benefits of cloth. Easy Poop Cleanups: Diaper sprayer, scrubbing poop, dunking/rinsing not required. Perfect Size: 7 in x 11 in (18 cm x 28 cm). Fits comfortably...
  • Large Bamboo Change Mat
    Large Bamboo Change Mat CAD 69.00 CAD 55.00 Add To Cart
        I am going to tell you a story. This is not a story of triumph. I can share this now because, thankfully, I don’t wet my bed. Anymore. I have maintained an unblemished track record for the...
  • Large Charcoal Change Mat
    Large Charcoal Change Mat CAD 39.95 Choose Options Choose Options
    Every now and then, perhaps only once in a lifetime, something happens. Something so huge it changes the world completely. Something so important it alters the course of human history.  Until that something...
  • Charcoal Change Mat
    Charcoal Change Mat CAD 24.95 CAD 19.95 Choose Options Choose Options
    Progress is impossible without change, and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything. - George Benard Shaw Change is the law of life. And those who look only to the past or present are certain to...