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Bamboo Insert Set

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    Think marshmallows, super absorbent fluffy marshmallows just waiting to nestle your kiddo’s bottom (as marshmallows are known to do). The thirsty micro-fiber is sandwiched inside the soft embrace of the bamboo making you wonder why you ever even considered disposable diapers. Your baby’s bottom is resting on the nirvana of cloth diaper inserts, a lil bit of heaven on earth. Happy bum, happy baby. And we all know what a happy baby means.This is why you'll love our bamboo Insert:

    Two Inserts: You get two inserts in a pack. One small insert. One large insert

    Small Insert: The small insert is made up of 4 layers of pee guzzlers AKA absorbent materials. The 2 outer layers are bamboo. There are 2 hidden layers of micro terry.

    Large Insert: The large insert is made up of 3 layers. The 2 outer layers are bamboo. There is 1 hidden layer of micro terry.

    Plenty of Absorption: The goal here is to keep the outer shell dry and clean for as long as possible. The two inserts, when used together, have seven layers of combined greatness to that very job.

    Squirmy babies? Both inserts attach to the diaper cover with snaps. Your kid can wriggle as much as he wants. Our liners won’t budge.

    Mix it up: So you didn’t like the colours of our Bamboo Diaper but still want to try our bamboo inserts? Rejoice! All our inserts are interchangeable with all our diaper shells.


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    1. Bamboo inserts

      The bamboo inserts are really nice. They absorb a lot of moisture and are very soft. I do find I use the charcoal more often just because they hide the stains better. Otherwise they work just as well! on 13th Jan 2018

    2. Charcoal preferred

      Bamboo liners work, but stain easily and take a lot longer to dry than the charcoal inserts, so okay as backup. on 6th Jan 2018

    3. Great product great prices

      Great product, at great prices can't go wrong. Friendly staff, knowledgeable emails on product and how to take care of them. Very happy would definitely do it again in the future. on 18th Sep 2017

    4. Okay - but charcoal are better.

      First, I love the quality of everything Lil Helper makes. The bamboo are soft and super absorbent. I notice our son feels slightly wet when we use the bamboo inserts over the charcoal, and they definitely feel wetter to the touch. We use these are our backup inserts if all of the charcoal are dirty. on 10th Nov 2016

    5. Bamboo Inserts

      Great product. I really like the bamboo inserts. I've two different styles as we've ordered some diapers from Costco and another from Lil Helpers (here). I find the ones from Lil Helper are softer on the skin. Both absorb excellent, but I do like the charcoal inserts more.... Charcoal inserts dry quicker and are softer. Overall though great product! on 18th Oct 2016

    6. Great for nighttime!

      I bought several of these bamboo inserts with my first order, and I was not disappointed! They are great for overnights, as they are very absorbent, and they are so very soft on my little one's delicate skin.

      I usually use the charcoal inserts during the day and the bamboo inserts at night, as my little one is usually a day-time pooper and I didn't want to have stains right away, but he's had a couple of poops in the bamboo inserts and I was able to wash out any evidence with a bit of Dawn and room temperature water. :)

      I would recommend these as they are definitely a worthwhile purchase!
      on 8th Sep 2016

    7. Bamboo liner

      I love cloth diapering so far but prefer the charcoal liners to the bamboo. However these liners do work great as well on 7th Jul 2016

    8. great product!

      Great quality product and amazing customer service! on 27th May 2016

    9. love the new inserts!

      I absolutely love the new bamboo inserts!! They are much less bulky and dry so much quicker!! I used to only reach for the bamboo inserts when I was running out of my charcoal ones but I reach for these just as often now! They seem to absorb really well! on 6th May 2016

    10. Super absorbent for a heavy wetter

      My little guy is 18 months now, and for the past 6 months, we've struggled to contain leaks when he has his first big pee (after his morning bottle). I bought a few more sets of the bamboo inserts, and LOVE them. The recent changes to the design/ style means that they have more coverage inside the diaper, and manage to catch and absorb the heavy pees. Love these!! on 29th Apr 2016

    11. Came to love these as much as charcoal

      If you had asked me 3-6 months ago which of the diaper inserts I liked more, I'd have said the charcoal, hands down. I even came and wrote a review on the Charcoal Diaper section of the site to say I'd have gotten more of them than the bamboo had I known... In the last few months, I've done a full 180.

      Because we've been a little concern with our little guy's weight gain after a bad stomach bug, tracking his wets has become important lately. As amazing as the charcoal is with its moisture wicking properties, it's also very hard to tell when our guy has had a wet. So, I've found myself going back and almost using the bamboo inserts exclusively now. With a bamboo liner to keep the moisture from our guy's skin if he pee's, it's actually fantastic. I'm not really glad I have a 50-50 stash. The charcoal for his naps and bamboo for day time play.
      on 20th Dec 2015

    12. Great Inserts for Daytime!

      I do love the bamboo inserts for the softness & absorbancy. I like the breathable natural material & the newer style with stitching is also very trim!
      We prefer to use them for daytime as they do end up feeling damp after a good pee. And as often as we change babe, we don't want her to feel uncomfy or wet. That said, I think they may absorb even more than the charcoal inserts. So buyers preference!
      Again a great insert- it definitely can take on quite a bit without leakage & is easy to use!
      on 14th Sep 2015

    13. Definitely prefer the charcoal insert

      Let me start off by saying I'm a big fan of lil helper and their diapers. I just prefer the charcoal inserts to the bamboo. The bamboo inserts are very absorbent to the point of feeling soaked and wet on my LO's bum even when we are changing every couple hours. I can't imagine that feeling all that comfortable. The charcoal are much drier and do the same job. If I got to purchase the diapers again, I would most definitely go with the charcoal inserts exclusively. on 3rd Jun 2015

    14. Good Quality & Absorbent

      I find these to be the most absorbent of the 3 types of inserts. I use this insert for a leak-free nap time. Like all Lil Helper Inserts the large insert could be slightly longer to provide more coverage on the large rise setting while still fitting easily into the medium rise setting. on 31st May 2014

    15. Fabulous

      Love how soft these are - plus they are nice and light for the summer. on 31st May 2013

    16. Great Products...

      As a beginner to cloth diapering these are the first liners (and diapers) I have used, will be ordering more of these...we love them. so soft and absorbent

      Thank you boys
      on 23rd May 2013

    17. So absorbant!

      We really appreciate these, especially on long outings. We tried them out and then promptly ordered more. on 6th Jan 2013

    18. Organic Bamboo Liners are amazing

      What a wonderful surprise to have my order hand delivered. The starter kit is fabulous and great value for money. The diaper covers and the liners are exceptional quality. Thank you for supplying a fabulous product. on 28th Aug 2012

    19. Soft and Fluffy

      These are super absorbant and amazingly soft. No rashes in my house. THANK YOU. on 14th Jan 2012

    20. I want a bed made out of these

      Just got some last week and to my surprise they are even better after I washed them. Kid did all he could and then some to them on their first day and they came out like beautiful clouds. I need a bed made out of these. on 26th Nov 2011

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    • Difference Between Bamboo and Charcoal Inserts - Lil Helper Cloth Diapers

    Difference Between Bamboo and Charcoal Inserts - Lil Helper Cloth Diapers

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